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There are plenty of jobs classed as high risk. Then there are plenty of jobs that require driving a vehicle. Some of these are high risk. High-risk driving means high rate insurance.

Insurance Companies Vary In Prices and Offerings

There are standard rules that every insurance company has to offer. Then aside from these, they have some flexibility. It is as it pertains to what kinds of vehicle insurance they want to provide. They also have options for offering discounts.

Insurance for those who drive for a living is Commercial Business vehicle insurance.

When it comes to the worst jobs for car insurance, there are a lot of factors that are considered. These factors are all based on what the Insurance Companies consider as high risk.

a) They will take into account the same high risks that apply to personal drivers. For example, the driving record,

b) They will consider specific factors based on the dangers that the particular job creates. For example, snowplow drivers may be at a higher risk of producing property damage. Taxi drivers create a significant risk of transporting people. Delivery drivers have goods that need insurance.

c) Insurance companies will look at the statistics for different businesses. They will focus on the number of claims that the industry submits.

d) If the business is likely to succeed will be another consideration.

e) The requirements for liability coverage compared to other types of insurance. Also, a comparison to other businesses.

High-Risk Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies across Canada will serve many different types of commercial entities. While some will specialize in a specific industry.

Some of the common driving jobs considered high risk are….

  • Taxi drivers (Including Limousine drivers and Uber Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Personal service drivers such as private snowplow drivers and landscaping
  • Speed drivers
  • Snow Plow Drivers

One doesn’t give much thought to snow plowing as one of the worse jobs for car insurance. After all, it is a seasonal job. The vehicles used for the snow removal are quite often restricted to parking lots. Also, other small commercial areas. Yet, the cost of insuring these vehicles can be very high. So high in fact, that many snowplow operators had to give up their small business in this industry. It will vary according to the different provinces. In Ontario, there was a large insurance increase. In Alberta, they too saw rates go up to the point where many could not afford them.

High Risks for Snow Plough Drivers

It is an industry that high risk when it comes to vehicle insurance. One of the issues is slip and fall. Apparently, snowplow operators under contract can be at risk for slip and fall claims. If someone falls in an area that has contracted out for snow clearing the contractor could be a high risk for fault.

Taxi Drivers and High Risks

Taxi driving is a high risk which puts the job of driving a taxi on the list of the worst jobs for insurance. The high risks components are….

  • They drive in congested areas
  • Cab drivers serve the public with driving services. These passengers need insurance protection.
  • Taxi drivers work both day and night.

Those in the Taxi driving business can have no less than two million dollars in the collision. It also includes passenger hazard insurance. There are several endorsements that are add-ons. Taxi drivers must have these with their insurance.

  • OPCF#6A – Endorsement – Permission to Carry Passengers
  • OPCF#19- Endorsement – Limiting Amount Paid for Loss of Damage
  • OPCF#22 – Endorsement – Damage to Property of Passengers
  • Downtime Coverage – Endorsement-

There are also endorsements for Fleet Insurance

Truck Drivers and High-Risk Insurance

There are many different types of truck drivers. Which means they drive different types of trucks. The type of truck plays a role in the high-risk analysis of Insurance Companies. Another factor will be what the truck is used for. If it’s used to go from one job to another, then that is one type of risk. For example, some construction workers use commercial vehicles for transportation.

Then there are truck drivers who perform delivery services. This category of drivers poses a different risk. They may have cargo that needs covering.

Also, there are drivers who deliver dangerous goods. Again, another type of job creates its own unique level of high risk.

One of the things considered for truck driver’s insurance is history. Also, the number of tickets the drivers have had. Or, there is no history as of yet. Then the risks as they pertain to the vehicle are another consideration.

 High-Risk Insurance and Delivery Drivers

Another business category but also one with a lot of variations to it. For example, fast food delivery drivers may use their personal vehicles. However, it is used for commercial purposes. As such it raises the risk factors for the vehicle being on the road. It increases the cost of the insurance.

Motorsports Insurance

There are some people who participate in car racing or events for a living. It is not likely they will get vehicle insurance for where they are participating in a race. However, there are other situations where the vehicle will need insurance. It is off-track insurance.

How The Worst Driving Jobs Can Get An Insurance Break

Commercial vehicle insurance usually is more expensive than personal vehicle insurance. Some driving jobs create greater risks. Those that are in this position need to shop carefully for their insurance needs. They can do this quickly by getting some different quotes. Drivers can also look at what discounts there are. Insurance companies may offer better rates. For example, if a particular driver has had some additional training. It is as it pertains to the line of work they are doing where they need to drive a vehicle.

Other Countries and the Worst Jobs

Vehicles insurance differs in every country. Plus, within the countries, it differs by region. For example, in Canada, it differs by province. However, in countries such as Canada, the US, and the UK there are many industries that are the same. There are different categories of individuals who have driving jobs related to their employment. In some cases, this can be done directly or indirectly. For example, in the UK it is football players, and race car drivers have the highest rate of insurance.

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Valerie is an insurance editor, journalist, and business professional at RateLab. She has more than 15 years of experience in personal financial products. She strives to educate readers and ensure that they are properly protected.

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