The weather in Canada is very cold most of the time and when you are driving then you need to be prepared. To improve road safety and reduce mishaps, it is a wise idea to winterize your vehicles.  A major part of this precaution is to use winter tires specifically suitable for driving on slippery icy roads. Winter tires are made of a rubber compound that does not lose its form in cold weather due to the special tread patterns. Some of the winter tires would also have studs on them and certain provinces may approve using them while others don’t. You are able to maintain better handling and traction, minimize braking distance and better grip on icy roads when your vehicle has winter tires.

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Do Winter Tires Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

Since winter tires definitely improve the safety of your vehicle it greatly cuts down the chance of a collision. Ontario has provincial reform since January 2016 that car insurers must offer winter tire discount.The insurance industry in Ontario provides discounts to promote the use of reputed approved winter tires. To avail this discount you have to fix 4 winter tires and inform your insurer that your winter tires meet the approval of Transport Canada. In Ontario, the auto insurance premiums are higher than other Canadian provinces and hence this discount is a great way to save.

Winter Tire Insurance Discount Features

When you commute frequently even in winter, the use of winter tires is a necessity for safety. All insurance companies in Ontario provide a discount of around 2% to 5% when you fix winter tires. For example, if your annual premium is $1200 then you may get a winter tire discount of up to $60 each year per car. Each insurance company may differ in how much discount they may offer when you install winter tires.

Some insurance companies may not ask for any proof to give winter tire savings. Others may require that you provide a receipt for purchase or installation. If you don’t have these then you may give a photograph of your vehicle with the winter tires on it.

TD Insurance Winter Tire Discount

winter car

When you have auto coverage policy with TD Insurance then they may give you a discount for installing winter tires. These winter tires must be fitted on your vehicle every year from December to March in Ontario. They apply the discount on the next policy renewal and not at midterm and it is for 5%.

RBC Insurance Winter Tire Discount

If you install 4 winter tires on your vehicle from November till April every year then RBC Insurance will offer you a 5% discount on your auto policy. They apply this discount during renewal.

Intact Insurance Winter Tire Discount

You may get a midterm policy discount with Intact Insurance when you install winter tires from December to March each year. They offer a 3% discount when you install 4 approved winter tires.

Allstate Winter Tire Discount

When you install 4 approved winter tires from November till April then Allstate Insurance will give you 5% discount. They will apply this discount on your auto insurance policy at midterm and you don’t need to wait till renewal.

Aviva Winter Tire Discount

Winter tire discount is offered by Aviva Canada on your auto policy when you install winter tires. You must install 4 approved tires from November till April and they apply 5% discount at midterm.