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When you apply for your car insurance there are many factors that the insurer considers to calculate your risk. This mainly includes your vehicle and driver profile along with other criteria. If your driving record has many violations, at-fault accidents, etc. then your insurer may consider you a high risk. These may also reflect an increase in your premiums compared to another policyholder with a better driving record and all other factors similar. If you are shopping for insurance then you do not need to include parking tickets as a violation.

While parking tickets on their own may not affect your insurance rates, if you make a habit of not paying up then it could be a problem. Most Canadian cities have specific bylaws to regulate parking and if you park in the wrong zone designated for other users then you may get a ticket. This is to ensure road safety by regulating traffic and public parking rules.

Types Of Parking Tickets

Some of the common types of parking tickets that you may get in Ontario are as follows:

  • Parking In A No-Stopping Zone: When you park in an area where you are not allowed to stop as per law, you could get a parking ticket. It does not matter if you are behind the wheel or not and the only exception is if you stop to make way for an emergency vehicle.
  • No Parking Zone: Just as the name suggests if you park in a zone where there is signage for ‘No Parking’ you could get a ticket. This would also include if you are momentarily unloading or loading passengers, goods, etc.
  • Disabled Parking Zone: When you illegally park in an accessible parking area then you are violating the rights of the disabled and could get a ticket. Even if you are just unloading or loading passengers and use this parking spot you may still get a ticket.
  • Fire Route Zone: If you park illegally in a route that is meant for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks then you may get a ticket. The city wants the fire routes clear of any obstacles to facilitate the safety of all residents at all times.
  • Parking Near Fire Hydrant: It is illegal to park near a fire hydrant as it could block accessibility and affect the safety of the community. You may get a parking ticket if you park just for loading or unloading.

Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Rates In Canada?

Usually, if a peace officer writes out a ticket for a moving violation then it could go on your driving record and then affect your insurance rates. Parking tickets may not increase your insurance premiums as they are not moving violations. However, if you tend to illegally park and get many tickets you may have to pay all your tickets before you renew your vehicle plates. When your driver’s license is suspended as a result of too many unpaid parking tickets then it could go on your record. Once these show up on your driving record, it could notify your insurer and they may increase your rates.

What To Do After You Get A Parking Ticket?

paying parking ticket

All information related to payments and appeals along with payment locations is at the back of the parking ticket. These infractions are violations per Ontario Provincial Offenses Act and you may dispute it only in court. So, if you decide to fight the ticket then it is worth your time only if you have a valid reason and can prove it. To dispute your parking ticket you may have to go to a First Appearance Facility. Most cities may give up to fifteen days time to pay up the parking ticket fine. If you ignore that then you may expect a Notice of impending conviction and if you still don’t pay the fine then they may add more penalties. Even after you receive such a notice there is scope for disputing your parking ticket.

A parking ticket is issued to the registered license plate owner. You may not get your license plates renewed until you pay up the overdue amount. When your license plate is denied renewal then you may pay the penalty at a Service Ontario facility only.

Do Parking Tickets Affect Demerit Points?

You may not get demerit points for a parking ticket since it is not a moving violation. Since there are no demerit points for parking tickets, they do not affect your driving record. Yes, it will cost you and if you are at fault and did violate the parking bylaw then you might as well pay up. When your license plates come up for renewal you may anyways have to pay the penalty.

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