Car insurance for the genders can be different in price, and there’s a reason for this. Men, in general, will pay a bit more than women for their car insurance. Statistics show that women tend to pay less for their car insurance quotes. The differences play out statistically so insurance companies use actuarial arguments to support what many consider to be a discriminatory practice. In fact, there is some movement in the Maritimes to eliminate gender bias in car insurance payments, despite the statistical differences. These statistics lead to the following generalizations that insurance companies make about gender differences between drivers.

Careful Drivers

Women tend to drive better than men, as they are more cautious. They don’t suffer from as many episodes of “road rage.” A woman is also less likely to get into an accident because she is safer with her driving. Women don’t tend to drive as fast or have dangerous driving habits such as passing when they shouldn’t.

Men who are younger are an even greater risk when it comes to insurance. Women aren’t necessarily more skilled when it comes to driving a car, but they tend to be a lot more cautious when they do drive. Men tend to drive with more aggression than women do, which can lead to accidents. A man may get impatient when someone is driving slowly ahead of them and pull out when it’s not safe.

They Drive Less

Women tend to drive less than men do and this presents less risk for the insurance company. When there are fewer kilometres to drive, there’s less chance for an accident to occur. This is beginning to change as more women are now driving to work.

The Vehicles They Choose are Generally Safer

safer vehicle

While women aren’t immune to the allure of the high-performance sports car, as a group they tend to be the most common drivers of minivans and four-door sedans. These family friendly vehicles are statistically cheaper to insure than two-door coupes and sports cars with large engines. One of the reasons that family friendly vehicles are cheaper to insure is the fact there are likely to be children in the vehicles frequently, and both mothers and fathers tend to be more careful on the roads when the children are with them. Since, traditionally, the “mom taxi” does extra duty in this department, kids play a role in producing cheaper insurance rates for women.

Claims History

These generalizations are supported by accident data analysis over time. If 100 accidents are examined and 45 of them involved women drivers, that is statistically significant in the support of lower car insurance rates for female drivers. In the Ontario car insurance market, each insurance company balances statistical data in its own way, in an effort to gain a competitive advantage. These formulae are proprietary and no two insurance companies calculate premiums in exactly the same way. Any Ontario driver should comparison shop for car insurance because of this. Identical policies can have widely ranging prices as the differences in actuarial analyses are demonstrated in dollar terms with comparative quotes.

Driving Records Matter

A woman may get a cheap car insurance rate initially, but if she isn’t a good driver, her rate is going to go up if she has an accident or is at fault for some other mishap. The insurance company is going to look at the driving record when assigning insurance to any individual, so this does play a large role in the insurance rate. A woman’s basic rate may be lower when she first begins to drive, but this can quickly go up if she exhibits bad driving skills.

Women do tend to get lower rates, but there are many factors that contribute to this. It’s best to check with your provider to determine the rate you will receive. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female because your rate will go down over time if you’re a good driver, so driving safely on the road is the best bet to decrease your insurance prices over time.