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There are numerous reasons why an individual may want to own more than one car. In most cases when they do. They want to have each of them to be insured. But, is this possible?

Insuring Two Cars One Driver

There are some people who want to have a small compact car for their everyday use such as driving back and forth to work. Then they prefer a second vehicle for family use perhaps. Or maybe a more classy type car for recreational driving. Then there are some who like to be backyard mechanics. They will buy cars, keep them for a while then sell them. No matter the reason why one driver would want to have more than one vehicle they are allowed to do so. However, the insurance company will want to know some specific details concerning both vehicles.

Can You Own Two Cars In Ontario?

multiple cars


In fact, you can have as many cars as you would like but the issue may be getting insurance for them. Which is mandatory if they are going to be driven on the public roads in Ontario. Also, if the purpose of owning multiple cars is for flipping them, then this may be classed as curb siding which is illegal in Ontario.

Some insurance companies may insure up to five vehicles under one owner. However, every insurance company is different as to what they will allow.

Is It Cheaper To Insure A Second Car?


Most insurance companies will allow an individual to ensure more than one car under a driver’s name. They will be subjected to the same metrics as what would be used for a single policy. Insurance companies like the additional business so they will quite often offer a discount for multi-vehicle coverage.

How Much Does Second Car Insurance Cost?

controlling cost

It will vary.

There are so many things that insurance companies take into account when determining the premiums that are going to be set for a specific insurance policy. This is why there are such fluctuations among individuals who are obtaining car insurance.

Factors For the Second Car With One Primary Driver

The first thing the insurance provider is going to consider is the driver themselves. They are going to scrutinize:

The driver’s record: This will include looking at information as to what negative data may be on the record such as driving infractions. They will look at how many years the driver has been driving.

The insurance record: Interest will be taken into the history that pertains to insurance whether there has been any cancellation of a policy and the reasons.

Age and gender are also going to be given some consideration.

The Vehicles:

Each vehicle will be assessed on its own metrics. The insurance company will look at:

  • The make, model, and year of each vehicle
  • What the replacement value would be
  • The average costs of repairs
  • The address of where the car is being stored when not in use

The Intended Purposes


Being as one driver is insuring two vehicles as a primary driver, the insurance company will want to know the intended use of each of the vehicles. This way they can calculate their risks based on how much time they will be in use. The more the vehicle is being driven the higher the risk for the insurance company.

This is where they can be a significant variation in the cost of insuring multiple vehicles under one primary driver.

The driver may be using the cheaper vehicle 75% of the time and the more expensive vehicle 25% of the time. In which case the premiums may be cheaper compared to:

A driver that is using the more expensive vehicle 75% of the time.

Then if a secondary or occasional driver is going to be added to the policy this again will affect the cost of the premiums.

How To Find The Best Insurance for Multi-Car Coverage

The most efficient way to find the best insurance is to shop around and do some comparisons. Be sure to provide accurate information about the vehicles being insured. Don’t try and make the cheaper to insure vehicle the one that is most used if this is not the case. When insurance claims are submitted they are thoroughly investigated. It was discovered that you misled the insurance provider the claim could be denied.

How To Get The Cheapest Insurance for Multiple Vehicles

Aside from comparison shopping pay attention to the discounts that the different insurance companies may be offering. For example:

If you have the option of purchasing one of the cheaper vehicles to insure and make this the one you will be driving the most, then you will realize some extra savings.

There may be discounts for the use of winter tires.

There may be discounts for mileage. This can work to your advantage for the seasonal car coverage.

If you are only driving one of the vehicles during a specific time of year you may be able to reduce the coverage during the times the car is not in use.

Any of these savings combined with a discount for multi-vehicle insurance can add up to some substantial savings.

Can You Be Primary Driver On 2 Cars In Ontario?

Mature Driver


Insurance companies consider the primary driver of the vehicle to be the one that will be driving the vehicle the most. Therefore the insurance provider will pay closer attention to the metrics that are applicable to this driver when setting the premiums.

It is possible for an individual to be a primary driver on two vehicles or more vehicles. Here are some examples.

A person has a small vehicle that they use during the week to drive to work every day.

Then they own a second vehicle that they use for pleasure driving. Or perhaps a bigger vehicle to accommodate the family.

It is possible that this same driver would also own a third vehicle. Perhaps a more high-end vehicle or a sports model. One that they only use in a specific season.

In all cases, the owner is the primary driver.

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