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What Documents Do I Need To Get Car Insurance in Ontario?

The law in Ontario requires all motorists to buy car insurance. This is required for the registration of the car too. When you are looking for a good insurance deal it is a good plan to be aware of the documents needed too.  Getting car insurance is a breeze now if you have all the required information.

Details Needed For Car Insurance

car insurance details

The rate of your insurance premium is calculated based on the information that you give. You could prepare yourself by gathering all details to save some time and money. Insurance companies, brokers or agents will need you to disclose some basic details as follows.

  • They may ask some basic information about you.

A copy of your valid driver license may be provided. You may give a copy of training certificate if you had completed a driver education course.

  • They will need to know about your vehicle.

You may need to provide the vehicle registration papers showing ownership proof, identification numbers and license plate number. You may need to furnish the bill of sale or lease agreement copy to confirm the date of purchase. If you don’t own the car then you could give details of the lease and the lienholder or lessor.

  • They will need to look at your driving record and history.

Your driver abstract will show your driving habits for several years. This will show them the type of risk that you are as an insured. Your premium rates could be affected by this fact too.

  • They would ask about your current insurance provider, broker or agent.

You may provide them the current car insurance papers. This will show name, policy number and the valid date of the policy. If you had any claims you may also inform them about your claims history.

  • They may ask about other drivers who use your car.

You may have to provide the driver license number and details of all drivers in your home. You may have to disclose the occasional drivers too who do not live with you.

A valid payment method such as credit card information may be asked. You may also give a void cheque for setting up monthly debit instruction. You may update the insurance company of any changes to your situation. They may increase your insurance premiums if you give them wrong details. Be honest, if you give them false information that could also affect a claim in the case of a collision. They may cancel your policy if you don’t disclose correct information. This will cause you to end up with no protection for your car.

Can I Get Car Insurance Without A License

No. It is necessary to have your car registered in your name to get car insurance. You cannot get the vehicle plates registered in your name if you don’t have a license. So it is not possible to get car insurance in Ontario without a license.

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  1. Stan Waligora November 10, 2020 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    1.My wife surrendered her driver’s license and transfer car ownership to me. Insurance company refused to cancel her policy. To whom I should report that?
    2.Insurance company refused give me letter of experience in spite of the verbal confirmation that my driving record it has are not showing accident with my fault.To whom I should report that?

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