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You seem to get a special right when you turn 16, the license to get behind the wheel. Finally, you may drive, and then the question about insurance arises. When you are a teen you may learn to drive and have your own car. But when it comes to finding car insurance then it could be a difficult task. Then the obvious choice would be to check if your parents may name you on their policy. So, what is the best solution for a teen, to get their own policy or use their parent’s coverage? Both options have their own good reasons. If the kid stays on the parent’s policy then they may get better rates due to their parent’s insurance history and stability. For the parents, they may get the advantage of multi-car insurance savings when you insure your car on their policy.

However, if your parents are already paying high premiums due to any reason, then they don’t get a benefit in adding you to their coverage. When you own the car and get your own insurance policy then you have more control in terms of payment and coverage levels.

How Long Can Kids Stay On Parent’s Car Insurance Policy

There is no specific time frame after which kids cannot stay on their parent’s car insurance coverage. Some insurers may not allow your kids to be listed on your insurance if they do not stay with you and live elsewhere on a permanent basis. However, if your kid goes to school full-time away from home and still lives with you during vacation then you may keep your kid on the policy. In fact, when you name your kid as a full-time student and occasional driver then you may also be eligible for discounts.

Every insurance company may vary in its approach and you may have to check with your insurer. You may need to confirm with your insurer if you may continue to name your kid on your policy if you own the car. Certain insurers may insist that only the owner of the vehicle as per registration could be the policyholder.

Getting Off Of Your Parents’ Car Insurance

When your child regularly drives your car then it is your obligation to inform your insurer and list your child on the policy too as the primary driver. If your child wants a separate car insurance policy then they will have to own a car and get the title for that car. There are two possible scenarios for taking your name off your parent’s coverage. You may purchase a car, own its title, and get your own insurance policy. Or, you may transfer the current car’s title to your name as the new owner and then get a policy.

Can I Be On My Parents Car Insurance If I’m Married


Typically once you get married you may move out of your parent’s home. When you no longer stay in the same household then you may not name yourself on that policy as a primary driver. However, if you are still staying with your parents after getting married too then they may name you on their policy. If your parent is the registered owner and policyholder but you want to be on the policy then you may have to check with the insurer.

Can I Be On My Parents Car Insurance If The Car Is In My Name

If your parent is the policyholder and you own the car then you must notify the insurer. When the car’s title is in your name it is recommended to have your own policy. However, if the car was in the parent’s name then they need to add the kid’s name to the title. This way their kid can register the car in their own name and get insurance coverage.

Can I Stay On My Parents Car Insurance If I Move Out

Usually when you move out of your parental home then you need to get your own insurance. However, it depends on the insurer too. They may not approve if you move out and continue to be named on your parent’s policy. In case you had an accident and you have not updated your address they may deny the claim. When you move out to a different address then you may get your own insurance policy. That will have your current residential address. This will avoid any coverage or claims issues.


  1. Varsha Cabral 2 March 2021 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    My dad has a car and policy and my brother and I are additional drivers. Now I want to lease a car in my name but my dad is still the registere co-owner. Can I stay on his policy or do I have to get my own?

  2. Hue 8 May 2021 at 7:49 am - Reply

    I name my kid is primary driver in my registry car. When he get accident the claim belong to me or my kid. Who will be affect by the claim and make the premier go up. Can you help me to answer the question. Thank you.

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