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When it comes to placing your financial security you want to establish exactly what it is you want from your future. What are your goals? Your financial obligations? What are the things most important to you? Sun Life financial encourages you to find a qualified advisor to help provide you with the financial advice you need.

Sun Life currently serves 6 million Canadians coast to coast helping them to achieve lifetime financial security. With nearly 4,000 advisors in more than 1,200 communities across the country, Sun Life forms one of Canada’s largest networks with dedicated life, health and investment services to suit our client’s demand for the latest in industry knowledge and practices.


Services and Products Available from Sun Life Financial Insurance Company

Insurance Services

  • Individual financial advice, service and products customized for your goals and peace of mind.
  • Life Insurance options, term life insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Participating Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance. Discuss the differences and the advantages of each for your personal plan with one of Sun Life’s advisors.
  • Individual supplemental life insurance, critical illness insurance, mortgage insurance, Long-term care insurance. With the unexpected comes unexpected costs and you want to ensure you and your family are sufficiently covered in case of the unforeseen happening.
  • Retirement supplemental Health Insurance. Rollover plans employee-sponsored group plans, individual personal health insurance plans.
  • Individual investment products, mutual funds, RRSPs, RESPs, Guaranteed investment funds, Annuities.
  • Sun Life’s Money for Life customized the approach to individual financial and retirement planning.
  • Workplace Health and Benefits Plans. Drug plan, Vision Care, Hospital Expe3nses, Paramedical, Medical Services and equipment, Travel, Dental, Health and Wellness coverage.
  • Leaving your workplace plan doesn’t have to mean leaving your benefits plan. You may be eligible for coverage with our Choices Plans.
  • Creative Insurance solutions for associations and Affinity groups, banks and credit unions as well as educational institutions or organizations requiring coverage for students (domestic or international).
  • Affordable and customizable benefits and savings plans offered to the smaller business model (3-49 employees).
  • Consider the advantages of additional coverage with your employee benefits such as Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Basic accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Long-term disability insurance and dependent life insurance.
  • Services, advisors and claim support available online or via Sun Life’s smartphone
  • Group savings plans and pensions, VRSPs and PRSPs.

Market Strength & Reliability for Sun Life Insurance Company

Sun Life strives to keep their company resilient, competitive and progressive by maintaining focus on the customer, encouraging a cooperative energetic work culture, developing strong leaders within the network and maintaining strong ethical principles.

Commitments to education and learning opportunities within the corporate structure as well as a diverse work environment providing a dedication to inclusion throughout the enterprise.

For 8 consecutive years, Sun Life has been listed on The Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Representing the top 10-15% of the leading sustainability-driven companies in North America.


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