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Older middle-aged experienced drivers with a clean driving record will pay significantly lower auto insurance premiums than new or young drivers that have very little driving experience. In fact, Ontario drivers between the ages of 50 and 60 have the lowest auto insurance rates providing they maintain a clean driving record. However, once a driver in Ontario reaches the age of 70, insurance providers see them as a higher risk driver and premiums tend to go up. Keeping in mind, not all insurance providers will raise a seniors’ premium. 

How Is Car Insurance Different for Seniors?


Car insurance is different for seniors because insurance companies may offer age-specific discounts once a driver has reached age 50. 

How Much Does Car Insurance For Seniors Cost?

On average, seniors will pay approximately $585 per year at age 65, approximately $718 per year at age 75, and approximately $887 at age 85.

What Is The Best Car Insurance For Senior Citizens?

The Intact insurance company is one of the best insurance companies for seniors to purchase car insurance.

Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors?

There is no one insurance company in particular that has the cheapest car insurance for seniors. Premium quotes for seniors depend on several factors that insurance providers take into consideration.

Do Seniors Get a Discount on Auto Insurance?

Some auto insurance providers may offer a senior a discount based on age.

The Advantages of Being a Senior Driver In Ontario

Senior citizen

Many insurance providers consider some of the safest drivers in Ontario are those in the ’50s and 60’s age groups. This is due to the extensive driving experience they have. Many insurance providers offer discounts to those at age 50, as well as retiree discounts. These discounts can help to greatly reduce insurance premiums for those in these age groups. This falls especially true if seniors keep a clean driving record for many years. However, once Ontario drivers reach the 70’s and 80’s age groups they may notice their insurance premium will begin to increase. Risk assessment varies depending on how your insurance provider. 

Factors That May Affect A Seniors Auto Insurance Premium

Some insurance providers consider senior drivers a risk. Some reasons for this may include:

  • Deterioration in vision and hearing
  • A health condition that may affect driving abilities
  • Delay in reflexes
  • The decline in motor function skills
  • Side effects from regular medications
  • Longer healing time when injured, medical and rehabilitation expenses are often higher

Factors That May Help Seniors Obtain Lower Car Insurance Rates

There are a few things seniors can do to help reduce their insurance premiums. These tips include:

  • Telematics
  • Increasing deductible
  • Insurance bundling
  • Affiliation discount
  • Special seniors policies
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Lower annual mileage
  • Stay healthy
  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Shop around


A great way for insurance companies to track your driving habits is by installing a device for usage-based insurance. You can also download a telematics app on your phone. This gives your insurance provider direct access to your driving habits. Many insurance companies offer discounts for installing telematics devices, this is a great way to help reduce your insurance premium, providing you maintain good driving habits. 

Increasing Deductible

Another way a senior can reduce their auto insurance premium is to increase the deductible. This is the amount that would be paid out of pocket in the event of a car accident, where you are found at fault or partially at fault. Typically most people pay a $500 deductible, but you have the ability to increase it to $1000 or higher to reduce the annual premium. 

Insurance Bundling

Many insurance providers offer discounts to their clients that purchase all their insurance needs with the same company. For example, purchasing car insurance, life insurance, and home insurance could grant you a discount. 

Affiliation Discounts

If you are a member of the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) or other affiliation, insurance companies may offer discounts for being an affiliation member. 

Special Seniors Policies

Speak to your insurance provider or shop around about possible special senior policies, they may offer a lower premium. They also may offer age-specific discounts, retiree discounts, and mature driver discounts. 

Loyalty Discounts

Many insurance providers offer discounts to their loyal clients that have been with the company for several years when they maintain a clean driving record. 

Lower Annual Mileage

The less amount of time you are driving, the lower risk you will be for insurance providers. When you reduce your annual mileage, insurance providers will often offer you a discount. Many seniors greatly reduce their driving time.

Stay Healthy

When seniors take care of their health it presents a much lower risk to auto insurance companies. For example, if you have had a heart attack in the past, insurance providers would see you as a risk of having a heart attack behind the wheel of your car. If you stay healthy without any major health issues, this greatly reduces the risk. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

When you take care of your vehicle and keep it in good operating order, the risk of mechanical breakdown causing an accident is greatly reduced. Insurance providers may take this into consideration when quoting your premium. 

Shop Around

There is an abundance of insurance providers available, always shop around for the best possible senior car insurance. 

Is There An Age When You Can No Longer Obtain Auto Insurance in Ontario?

Old Man Driving Car

No there is no maximum age cap surrounding car insurance in Ontario. However, once a driver turns 80, they are required to go for a driver’s license renewal program. This program is designed to test the seniors driving abilities to ensure they remain safe drivers on the roadways. This program includes:

  • A driving record review
  • A standard vision test
  • In-class screening assignments
  • Participation in an interactive group education session. 

The process takes approximately 90 minutes. To meet the requirements for license renewal, you must pass. In some instances, seniors may be required to complete a medical checkup or take a road test. In Ontario, senior drivers must renew their license every two years. As a senior 80 years of age+ providing, you pass all the necessary testing and keep a clean driving record you can still obtain car insurance.

How Old Do I Have To Be?

There’s a common misconception out there that you need to be 65 before you can apply for mature discounts on your auto insurance, but that’s not true. There are insurance companies that offer discounts to clients that are over 50 and others that offer discounts for clients that are over 55. The best approach to finding what kind of discount is available to you is to shop around just like you would at any other age. As you get close to that 50 mark start to consider your options.

Is There A Difference Between Someone That’s 50 And Someone That’s 65?

Insurance companies certainly view anyone that’s over 50 with a clean driving record as less of a risk than someone that is 25 and your rates will certainly go down, but not nearly as much as they will when you actually retire. Most people that age may, be 65, but for others, it might be a bit younger. Once you do fully retire you’re going to be on a fixed income and that means it’s important to find the best deal possible to fit your budget.

What If My Spouse Is Younger?

How old your spouse is will affect your policy as the insurance companies will believe that your spouse is driving the car as well at some point. For example, if you’ve reached the age of 50 and are looking for insurance discounts, but your spouse is only 45 you may not get the biggest discounts possible. It still pays to shop around and ask questions though as you will likely find insurers that are willing to offer you some kind of discount.

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