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Many Ontarians own classic, antique, convertible top or sports cars they only drive during certain months of the year. However, even when only driving for a limited time through the year, you must have car insurance as it is required by law. 

What Car Insurance Coverage Should I Have When Storing My Seasonal Vehicle?

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When you have a seasonal vehicle and you are not driving it but it is in storage it is a good idea to always keep comprehensive coverage on the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage will protect your investment against theft, vandalism, or fire. When you place your seasonal vehicle in storage you can remove road, liability, and accident coverage, this will also reduce your seasonal insurance premium. 

What You Need To Do When Taking Your Seasonal Vehicle Out Of Storage

There are a few things you must do when you take your seasonal vehicle out of storage to protect yourself and your seasonal vehicle. These include:

  • Calling your insurance provider a couple of weeks prior to taking it out of storage
  • Calling your insurance provider when you have actually taken it out of storage to ensure the proper coverage is in place
  • Renew your license plate sticker if you haven’t already done so
  • Obtain an up to date accurate appraisal on your seasonal vehicle and provide the details to your insurance provider
  • Advise your insurance provider of any spare parts you have for your seasonal vehicle to ensure you have the proper coverage
  • If you haven’t obtained seasonal car insurance, shop around and look for specialty insurance companies for classic cars and antique cars. 

What is Seasonal Insurance?

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Seasonal insurance is for vehicles that are usually high in value and are not driven for long periods of time. They are typically stored when the weather is messy and unsafe. 

Is There Seasonal Car Insurance in Ontario?

Yes, there is seasonal car insurance available in Ontario.

What Is The Best Month to Buy Car Insurance?

There is no “best month” to buy car insurance. However, drivers should contact their insurance provider a couple of weeks prior to bringing their seasonal vehicle out of storage. 

Can You Insure a Car For Only The Summer or Winter?

Yes, you can insure a car for certain months of the year for the period you are driving your seasonal vehicle. 

What is Temporary Car Insurance?


Temporary car insurance is car insurance you purchase for short-term coverage. Typically car insurance is purchased by the year, however, in some cases, you may require coverage for a shorter period of time. Temporary car insurance policies range in length of time from a few weeks up to six months. There are two most common reasons people purchase temporary car insurance. The reasons are:

Visitors staying in Ontario for several months may seek temporary car insurance for the period of time they are visiting. Snowbirds or Canadian citizens returning to Canada may choose to purchase a car or only insure their primary car for six months. 

Temporary insurance may be required for a short period of time when a short-term license plate is being used while waiting for their personal license plate is being registered. 

What Is The Difference Between Seasonal Car Insurance and Temporary Car Insurance?

The main difference between seasonal car insurance and temporary car insurance is the fact with seasonal car insurance, most drivers will opt to continue with comprehensive coverage on their seasonal vehicle while it is in storage. Temporary car insurance only provides coverage for the period of the short-term policy. 

Is Temporary Car Insurance Applicable For Car Rentals?

Personal temporary car insurance is different from car rental insurance. Personal temporary car insurance only pertains to your personally owned vehicle. When you rent a car from a rental company you are basically just leasing car insurance from them for the period you are driving the rental car. In some cases your personal temporary car insurance policy may cover you for driving rental vehicles, it all depends on what is included in your policy. Many car rental companies offer additional car insurance coverage but it may not be necessary to purchase it. At the very least you will have insurance coverage for liability, damage, and theft. Speak with your insurance provider to see what the best coverage for your situation would be. 

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need When Renting A Moving Truck?

As with any car rental, renting a moving truck often requires extra insurance coverage to protect the rental company from suffering any loss. If you do not have any rental vehicle coverage protection contained in your personal car insurance policy, it is strongly recommended you purchase the insurance offered through the moving truck rental company. If anything were to happen and you didn’t opt to buy the insurance coverage you would be on the hook for paying for any losses. 

Important Tips Regarding Car Insurance


There are some very important things you should know about car insurance that will help keep you protected and keep your premiums manageable. These include:

  • Never ever let your car insurance policy lapse, many insurers would consider you a high-risk and you may have difficulty obtaining car insurance in the future if you let your car insurance policy lapse.
  • If you store your vehicle for the better part of the year, you can remove liability and accident coverage on your policy for that vehicle, but you should still have comprehensive coverage in the event something happens to your vehicle while it is in storage such as fire, theft or vandalism.
  • Seasonal cars do require coverage for liability, accident coverage, and collision. Never drive your seasonal car without insurance coverage even if you only drive it a couple of times a year. 
  • When you own a seasonal vehicle that is high in value, it is recommended that you have it appraised each time you take it out of storage to ensure you have the full value of coverage for the vehicle. It is important to protect your investment.

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