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Road rage is an instance of dangerous driving that could cause accidents and endanger lives. Reckless driving leading to personal assaults and collisions may come under road rage that should never be encouraged. These include aggressive driving, tailgating, failing to yield right of way, speeding, cutting off someone dangerously closely, etc. In extreme cases, there has been a loss of life or severe injuries and lengthy lawsuits. But does the car insurance policy cover damages to your car due to road rage?

Does My Car Insurance Policy Cover Road Rage

When you have additional coverage options on your auto insurance then you may claim for damages due to road rage. If you have collision or comprehensive damage, then as per the situation you may claim under this coverage. Certain insurance companies may exclude road range coverage in the insurance contract and deny claims. They may do so on grounds that reckless driving such as road rage is risky and criminal behavior. It is the insurance company’s discretion to cover road range or not but they must clearly outline this exclusion in the contract.

How To Avoid Road Rage Situations

You may avoid road range by following some simple tips as below

  • Drive courteously and defensively, never in an aggressive mode. Do not cut into the space of other drivers or follow too closely. If the other car is speeding it does not mean that you go over the speed limit too. You also have the option to safely move to the right and let that speeding car pass.
  • Tailgating is a no-no as you may rear-end if the car ahead brakes suddenly. Most drivers may not like following their bumper too closely which could make them angry or nervous. If this causes a collision then you will get a traffic ticket for closely following.
  • Do not make eye contact with aggressive drivers as it will only make them more angry or violent. If they make hostile gestures do not reciprocate and maintain your calmness. This is especially important if you are driving with kids in the backseat.
  • Avoid being mean to other drivers such as rushing into that last vacant parking spot when you know that the driver before you was waiting. Or, using the reserved spot for handicaps when you have no such medical condition, is not only immature but also aggressive.

How Do You Deal With Road Rage

road rage

If you are a victim of road rage or notice someone driving aggressively near you then you may avoid any response. Even if the other guy starts swearing at you, it does not pay to swear back at him that could take away your focus from driving. Do not open your window and make no eye contact. Yes, it is not that easy for a lot of us especially when we had a stressful day. Most probably that aggressive driver may move on or may get angrier at you.

These days there are crazy people who may even have a gun with them to point at you. When you feel that the situation is beyond your control and getting worse then you must dial 911, call the police. If you are being followed do not stop or go home but get help from the police. Make a note of the license plate of that car and remember the color, make, etc. as it could help you to file a report if need be.

As per MTO, you may do the following if you feel threatened

  • Don’t step out of your vehicle and keep the doors closed
  • Use your phone to call the police
  • Honk your horn to attract the attention of other road users
  • Drive to a police station or a public place but not your home if someone follows your car

Can You Report Road Rage To The Police

If the road rage was a serious concern to you or made you feel that there is a threat to your life then you may report to the cops. The Ontario Provincial Police lets you report an instance of road rage from your phone or computer and you do not have to go to their detachment. Your report will be reviewed by an OPP officer and they may contact you for further details you must provide your valid email address. However, to file a report online it is necessary that you know the identity of the other driver else you may do so by visiting an OPP site. You may report instances of speeding, unsafe passing or changes of lanes, tailgating closely, distracted driving, or disobeying traffic signals. If you encounter a hazardous road rage situation then you may call the police for help by dialing 911 or 1888 310 1122.

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