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Yarmouth Mutual Insurance Company started operations in 1881 about 130 years ago in Elgin County. They offer many insurance services and products. This includes auto, home, commercial, and farm insurance products. It is a mutual insurance company owned by policyholders and more than the profit margin they try to offer insurance at lower costs. There are many independent insurance agents who distribute Yarmouth Mutual insurance products. They are a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association.

Yarmouth Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

Yarmouth Mutual offers discounts and savings on car insurance policies as per several criteria.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Yarmouth Mutual

Protection Plus

Yarmouth Mutual offers standard mandatory car insurance as per the requirements of the province. You may also purchase additional coverage against different perils and add special endorsements on your policy for more protection. They offer the following optional coverage for car insurance policies.

  • You may choose to increase your accident benefits coverage limit.
  • Protection Plus helps to protect the good driving record of drivers who have a clean record with no violations, accidents, tickets, or claims.
  • Depreciation Waiver protects the value of your brand new car for a certain period of time from the day you purchased your car.
  • Vehicle Replacement coverage helps to claim for expenses when you cannot use your damaged car.
  • You may increase the third-party liability limits to get added protection against a major financial setback.

Yarmouth Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your car insurance policy then you may contact your insurance broker or agent. They will help you with the cancellation process. Or you may contact a Yarmouth Mutual advisor by calling 519-631-1572 or 1877-792-3693 to cancel your policy. They will check your policy terms help with the cancellation process and issue refunds if any. You may pay a cancellation fee for canceling early.

Making Yarmouth Mutual Car Insurance Claim

To file a car insurance claim you may contact your insurance broker or agent. They will help you with the claims process.  A claims adjuster from Yarmouth Mutual may try to contact you within 24 hours to explain the process and coverage. They will answer your queries and assist you with towing, repairing, or replacement options. In case you are calling the claims department outside business hours then you may contact 1877.488.6642. The Ontario Mutual Insurance Association provides claims assistance after business hours.

How Can I Get Yarmouth Mutual Car Insurance Quote

To get a Yarmouth Mutual car insurance quote you may contact an insurance broker or agent. You may also call 519-631-1572 or 1877-792-3693 directly for a quote.

Contact Methods For Yarmouth Mutual Insurance

There are many methods to contact Yarmouth Mutual Insurance as follows.

  • Phone: You may call 519-631-1572 or 1877-792-3693 to contact Yarmouth. The advisors are available to help you on weekdays from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.
  • Mail: To mail your documents you may send them to the St. Thomas office address in Ontario.
  • Fax: The fax number to fax your documents is 519-631-6058.


We are not affiliated and make no representations, warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of Yarmouth Mutual Insurance. This article is our review of Yarmouth Mutual Insurance for information purposes only.  The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to Yarmouth Mutual Insurance.

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