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The Western Assurance Company is part of the RSA Group in Canada, one of the nation’s largest insurers, built around the merger of the Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance Insurance companies. The main brands under the RSA Group are Johnson, Inc., Pets Plus Us, RSA Insurance, and RSA Travel Insurance. However, there are a list of other subsidiary companies that conduct differing aspects of the company’s business, and in different markets across Canada, each contributing to the success of the RSA Group,

Western Assurance Insurance started operations in 1710. RSA Group started in 1833 and has operations in over 140 countries worldwide. They serve over 17 million consumers globally and are now one of the largest insurance companies for property and casualty coverage in Canada. Western Assurance offers personal auto and home insurance, boat coverage, condominium insurance, and tenant insurance. Around 100 independent insurance brokers distribute the insurance products across Ontario.

Western Assurance Company Affiliates in the RSA Group

Sherbrooke Quebec

Located at the Sheridan Insurance Centre on Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga, the Western Assurance Company shares the location with RSA’s Ontario regional center. The RSA Group has its head office on York Street in Toronto, which is also home to the Specialized Products and Services commercial insurance division. Pets Plus Us has its center of operations in Oakville, Ontario. Atlantic operations are managed out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and through Johnson Inc.’s St. John’s, Newfoundland offices. Quebec is served by the regional center in Montreal and the service office in Quebec City.

RSA Travel Insurance Inc. is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The western region is headquartered in Calgary, on 11th Avenue SW, and British Columbia has a number of RSA Group facilities. The Pacific Region center is at 200 Granville St. in Vancouver, while Coast Underwriters Limited is a few floors down in the same building. The Canadian Northern Shield Insurance Company is also in Vancouver, on Hastings Street.

The Fort McMurray Wildfires

RSA sent one of the first teams of adjusters to the area to help clients impacted by the fires. The team got a head start on claims processing and distribution of emergency funds. Working to minimize trauma for the client families involved, RSA has maximized call capacity for auto and home claims. The company has also brought in additional adjusters to handle the volume. The company is pulling out all the stops on claims efforts. They distribute emergency funds using every available means. Adjusters are using direct deposits, email transfers, and pre-loaded debit cards

The RSA Group also donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to assist with disaster relief in Fort McMurray. As well as that donation, the company is matching funds raised by its employees across Canada. As of mid-May, they raised $24,000 in funds.  In addition, RSA is providing grief counseling to its clients at no cost.

Surprisingly, Johnson Inc. in St. John’s is feeling close ties with the post-fires events in Alberta, as many families in Newfoundland have members who work in the oil sands projects, either seasonally or semi-permanently. Support for claims in the aftermath of the fires has been drawing on RSA Group resources from coast to coast.

Western Assurance Auto Insurance Discounts

Western Assurance offers discounts on car insurance based on many factors. If you combine your car and home insurance then you may get a discount. When you file a claim for either then you may pay only one deductible.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Western Assurance

Western Assurance offers standard car insurance coverage as required by law in the province. They also offer special endorsements and optional coverage for the enhanced protection of your car.

  • Claims Protection Endorsement helps to retain your claims-free status.
  • Western Coverage Plus is another optional coverage.
  • Replace or repair your car with Western Advantage
  • Claim for rental car expenses if you cannot use your car

Western Assurance Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your car insurance policy you may first inform your local broker. When you cancel at midterm you may pay a cancellation fee. They may issue a refund as per your policy term.

Making Western Assurance Car Insurance Claim

To file a car insurance claim you may call 1800.387.2934 to reach the claims department and they are available to help you 24/7. They will confirm your insurance coverage, give you options and arrange for replacement or repair of your car. You may also inform your broker to assist you with the claims process.

How Can I Get Western Assurance Car Insurance Quote

You may contact a local insurance broker to get a Western Assurance car insurance quote. To locate the nearest broker you may look upon the website tool. You may search using postal code or city and province.

Contact Methods For Western Assurance Insurance

  • Phone: You may contact Western Assurance by calling 905.403.3318 or 1877.263.4442 for any queries specific to your account.
  • Broker: There is an option on the website to search for your local broker. Search using province and city or postal code options.
  • Mail: The mailing address is 2225 Erin Mills Parkway, Suite 1000, Mississauga Ontario L5K 2S9.

Complaints: If you have any concerns with the service you may inform your broker and then contact the complaints liaison officer by calling 1877.877.1710. The office is in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The fax number is 905.403.2331 and the email address is Since Western Assurance is one of the member companies of RSA Group they deal with all complaints.


We are not affiliated and make no representations warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of Western Assurance Insurance. This article is our review of Western Assurance Insurance for information purposes only. The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to Western Assurance Insurance.

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