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West Elgin Mutual Insurance started operations 130 years ago as a part of the agricultural community and is 100% Canadian. The policyholders own this mutual insurance company and they elect the board of directors. They are a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association and the head office is located in Dutton, Ontario. There will be a new office that will be constructed on the corner of Pioneer Line and Currie Road. They offer home, auto, business, and farm coverage through a group of exclusive insurance agents. Currently, there are 8 directors on the board. There are offices located in Shedden, Dutton, Rodney, and Aylmer.

The insurance agents who serve the Dutton area are Paul McWilliam and John McWilliam.  Serge Lebedz, Ryan Hurley, and Drew Lebedz serve the Rodney area. Aylmer area is served by Andre G Verhaeghe, Andy Verhaeghe, Nadia Verhaeghe and Ray Jenken. Justin Burley, Matthew Ross, and Maeghan McCoubrey serve the Shedden area. Since West Elgin is a mutual insurance company they are not oriented towards profit and offer insurance at reasonable prices.

Community Support Initiatives by West Elgin Mutual Insurance

West Elgin funds many projects in the community they serve and works closely with service clubs, local fire departments, and municipalities. They also support local fairs and other events in the community. West Elgin takes part in volunteer efforts such as a smoke alarm installation program, the purchase of special equipment, and education to prevent fire. They also take part in initiatives creating awareness about safety, inspections, community partnerships, and sponsorships with the Crime Stoppers and Ontario Provincial Police.

West Elgin Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

condo or home

West Elgin Mutual offers discounts on car insurance policies for several criteria. You may adjust your deductibles or coverage amounts as per your requirement.

  • When you get insurance for your condo, home, or farm from West Elgin then you may get a discount on your car insurance policy.
  • A retired driver aged more than 65 years may qualify for a discount.
  • If you have an insurance policy for 3 consecutive years then you may get a discount.
  • You may get a discount if you install an approved theft deterrent device on your car.
  • If you install winter tires on your car then you may get a discount.
  • A driver aged above 40 years and has had no accidents or claims in the past 6 years may qualify for a discount.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With West Elgin Mutual

West Elgin Mutual offers standard car insurance coverage in Ontario as per law. This includes statutory accident benefits, third-party liability, uninsured motorists, and DC-PD insurance coverage. They also offer optional coverage to get more protection.

  • You may increase the coverage limits on the accident benefits coverage.
  • Protection Plus is an optional coverage that protects your clean driving record.
  • The Emergency roadside assistance coverage helps to claim for up to $50 per incident.
  • Transportation replacement coverage helps to claim transportation costs when you cannot use your car due to a loss or damage.
  • Rental vehicle liability coverage helps to get protection for a rental vehicle and you do not need to purchase separate coverage from the rental agency.

West Elgin Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your West Elgin car insurance then you may inform your insurance broker. They may assist you with the cancellation and refund process. Another option is to call West Elgin Mutual head office or branches and speak to an advisor directly. You may pay a cancellation fee for canceling your policy early at midterm. To avoid this fee you may cancel your policy at renewal.

Making West Elgin Mutual Car Insurance Claim

To make a car insurance claim you may inform your insurance broker. You may also call 1877 488 6642 to report a claim. An advisor will take all claims information from you and confirm your coverage. They will give options for repair, replacement, or rental if you are not able to use your car.

How Can I Get West Elgin Mutual Car Insurance Quote

You may get an online car insurance quote on the website as per your requirements. Or you may contact your insurance agent for a quote.

Contact Methods For West Elgin Mutual Insurance

There are many methods to contact West Elgin Mutual Insurance for your car insurance queries.

  • Mail: The mailing address for the head office is 274 Currie Road, PO Box 130, Dutton, Ontario N0L 1J0. You may also send your documents to the Rodney, Dutton, Aylmer, or Shedden offices.
  • Phone: You may call 519 762 3530 or 1800 265 7635 to reach the head office. The contact number for the Rodney office is 519 785 0541 and the phone number for the Aylmer office is 1800 363 4245. You may reach the Dutton office on 519 762 3533 or 1800 265 7635. To reach the Shedden office you may call 519-764-2034.
    Fax: The number to fax your documents to the head office is 519 762 3801.
  • Online: There is an online form that you may use to submit your query.
  • Payment: You may pay your premiums online using the payment form and fill out your policy details and credit card information.
  • Complaints protocol: If you have any concerns about any process or service you received at West Elgin then you may file a complaint with the Company Liaison representative in writing. This is a position that the company files with the FSCO as the company ombudsman. They will review your complaint letter within a time frame of 5 business days from the time they receive your letter. They will send a letter to the policyholder with their decision and course of action within 60 days.


We are not affiliated and make no representations, warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of West Elgin Mutual Insurance. This article is our review of West Elgin Mutual Insurance for information purposes only.  The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to West Elgin Mutual Insurance.


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