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Formosa Mutual Insurance Company started operations in 1880 and Elma Mutual Insurance Company opened its doors for operations in 1884. Together they amalgamated to create Trillium Mutual Insurance in 2004. That gives more than 135 years of insurance experience to Trillium and they offer many insurance products to Ontario residents. They offer farm, commercial, auto, data compromise, and residential insurance coverage in Ontario. In the automobile insurance sector, they offer coverage to private passenger vehicles, farms, commercial, motorcycles, snowmobile vehicles, recreational trailers, ATVs, Classic and Antique vehicles.

Trillium Mutual also has a risk management team to offer recommendations and advice to the policyholders who are members. This helps to protect their assets and families and improves the underwriting process better. Some of the services that they offer under risk management include Thermal camera technology, a strict bio-security program, discounted fire extinguishers, and free extinguisher refills if they are refillable. Trillium has trained staff to assist with the prevention of any kind of disruption to your home or business. They are also trained to handle hazardous chemicals, fuel tanks, and furnace oil.

Community Support Efforts By Trillium Mutual

Trillium Mutual supports many initiatives to sustain the development of rural Ontario. The Trillium Roots Community Support Fund offers assistance based on applications received. They accept, recommend and review applications for support that they receive from the communities where the policyholders serve and live. The areas that they provide support include agriculture, healthcare, wellness and recreation, facility upgrades, capital projects, firefighters, and eco-sustainability. All applications are reviewed quarterly for funding and the council prefers to receive the applications with advance notice. You may download the online application form on the website and submit it before the deadline.

Corporate Governance In Trillium Mutual Insurance Company

Currently, Trillium Mutual is governed by 6 directors on the board. They have monthly meetings or as needed to review operations and set company policies for rates, new broker appointments, products, etc. At the annual meeting held in March every year, they elect 2 board members to serve on the board for a 3-year term. They also elect a Chair & Vice-Chair from the board of directors each year. The CEO and President take care of the daily company operations and act on the advice of the board of directors.

Trillium Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

young driver

Trillium Mutual offers discounts on car insurance policies for several criteria.

  • Gen Now! Discount: If you are a young driver and your parents are already insured with Trillium Mutual then you may qualify for a discount.
  • Winter Tire Discount: You may get a discount when you fix Transport Canada-approved winter tires on your car during the winter season every year.
  • Retiree Discount: A mature retired driver with a good driving record may qualify for a discount.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: When you insure all the vehicles in your household with Trillium then you may qualify for a discount.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Trillium Mutual

Trillium offers standard insurance coverage as per law in Ontario. You may also get optional coverage to add more protection in case of damage or loss. There are also options to increase your coverage limits as per your requirements.

Trillium Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance policy you may contact your insurance broker. They will check your policy and help you with the cancellation process. When you cancel early then you may pay a cancellation fee and then they may pay a refund if any.

Making Trillium Mutual Car Insurance Claim

To make a car insurance claim you may call your insurance broker or agent and they will assist you with the process. You may also call the emergency claims number 1800.ADJUST4 if you are calling after business hours. Cunningham Linsey assists you with the claims process when you call after business hours. They are an organization that manages claims and adjusts losses for insurance companies and will help you with your claim. They will inform a claims adjuster and a claims representative will contact you in 30 minutes to help you with your claim.

If you wish to submit a claim for collision then you may keep all information such as police report number, witness details, all parties contact details, damage description, coverage details, etc. The more information you provide, the claims process will be faster and help you to know the outcome.

How Can I Get Trillium Mutual Car Insurance Quote

You may get a Trillium Mutual car insurance quote from an agent or broker. There is also an option to search for your local broker online. To get a quote you may call 519.291.9300 or 1800.265.3020 to reach Trillium directly and an advisor will help you.

Contact Methods For Trillium Mutual Insurance

  • Phone: You may call 519.291.9300 or 1800.265.3020 to contact Trillium Mutual for your insurance queries. They are available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5 pm.
  • Mail: The mailing address to send your documents is 495 Mitchell Road South Listowel, ON N4W 0C8.
  • Fax: You may fax your documents to 519.291.1800.
  • Email:  There is an option on the website to fill out a form and an advisor from Trillium will contact you to resolve your query.
  • Complaints: In case you are not happy with the service you received at Trillium for any reason you may escalate your concern by calling 1800.265.3020. You may also send an email to if you have a complaint that is not regarding a risk or claim inspection.
  • Payments: You may pay for your policy online with your credit card using the form on the website. After reviewing your payment they will credit the payment to your account in 2 business days. On that form, you may need to enter your policy number, contact number, email address, payment amount, and card details. They will send you a payment receipt at your email address.


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