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Town and Country Mutual Insurance started operations in 2001 and today is a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association. Lobo Mutual, East Williams Mutual, and Edfrid Mutual amalgamated to form Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company. These companies have a very strong insurance history dating back to more than 100 years. The head office is located in Strathroy, Ontario which is about a 20-minute drive from London. A network of insurance brokers and agents distribute insurance products in the area. They offer auto, agribusiness, residential, business, and auto insurance products. Under auto insurance, they offer coverage for private passenger cars, snowmobiles, ATV’s and other types of vehicles.

Town & Country Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

Mature Driver

Town and Country Mutual offer discounts on car insurance policies for several factors.

  • Auto and Property Bundle Discount: You may get a discount when you combine your car and home insurance policies.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: When you insure more than 1 vehicle in your household with Town and Country then you may get a discount.
  • Mature Driver Discount: A mature driver may qualify for a discount.
  • Gen Now Discount: This discount is given to young drivers whose parents have their insurance with Town and Country Mutual.
  • New Driver Discount: A novice driver may get a discount when they complete a driver training education program.
  • Short Distance Commute Discount: If you travel a short distance to work for your daily commute then you may get a discount. So a low annual mileage may get you a discount.
  • Loyalty Discount: When you have insurance with Town and Country Mutual for a certain period of time then you may get a discount.
  • Retiree Discount: A retired driver may qualify for a discount.
  • Winter Tire Discount: You may get a discount when you install approved winter tires on your car every year during wintertime.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Town & Country Mutual

Town and Country offer mandatory car insurance coverage in Ontario. The standard coverage as per law includes uninsured motorists, statutory accident benefits, DC-PD, and third-party liability insurance. They also offer optional coverage that you may purchase for more protection. You may purchase insurance for private passenger vehicles, snowmobiles, ATVs, off-road vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles.

  • Optional Accident Benefits Coverage: You may increase the coverage limit for the accident benefits. Most motorists prefer to have $1 million or $2 million coverage as liability lawsuits can be very expensive.
  • Protection Plus coverage: Drivers who have not had an accident for at least six years may protect their good driving record when they have an accident.
  • Emergency Road Service Excess Coverage: This coverage helps you to claim for emergency and towing expenses up to $50 for each incident when your car is damaged.
  • Transportation Replacement coverage: If your car is destroyed or damaged in a collision or is stolen then you may claim for the rental costs of a car. You may opt for a $1000, $1500, or a $2000 coverage limit.
  • Rental Vehicle Liability Insurance: This coverage helps you to claim for rental car liability and you do not have to purchase expensive insurance from the rental agency.

Town & Country Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

When you wish to cancel your car insurance then you may inform your insurance agent or broker. They will help you with the cancellation process. If you cancel at midterm then you may pay a cancellation fee for policy handling costs. They may issue a refund based on the short rate method in which the cancellation fee is deducted. You may not pay a cancellation fee when you cancel your policy at renewal.

Making Town & Country Mutual Car Insurance Claim

You may submit a car insurance claim by calling 1877 488 6642 or you may fill out a form online.  If you wish you may instead inform your insurance broker who can help you with your claims process. It is a good idea to have your policy details, witness details, accident or loss description, other motorist details, and vehicle information when you call to file a claim. The claims adjuster will confirm your insurance coverage, gather all information from you and offer you options for repair or replacement of your car.

How Can I Get Town & Country Mutual Car Insurance Quote

To get a car Town and Country car insurance policy you may contact your agent. There is also an option to get a quote online on the website. As per your car insurance requirements, they may help you with a personalized quote and adjust your coverage or deductibles.

Contact Methods For Town & Country Mutual Insurance

There are many ways to contact Town and Country Mutual Insurance for your queries.

  • Mail: The mailing address to send your documents is 79 Caradoc St. N, Strathroy, ON N7G 2M5.
  • Phone: You may call 519 246 1132 or 1888 868 5064 to reach Town & Country Mutual Insurance. They are available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. The contact number for the claims department is 1877 488 6642
  • Fax: The fax number to send your documents is 519 246 1115.
  • Payment options: There are 3 types of payment options you could use for paying your premiums. An annual payment, 3 equal payments (1st payment is due at the policy start, 2nd payment is after a month and the 3rd payment is due 2 months later) or monthly payment plan.


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