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Scotiabank is one of the leading financial institutions in Latin America, North America, Central America, Peru, Chile, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific. They offer personal banking, investment, corporate banking, wealth management, private banking, and capital markets and serve over 23 million customers. Their assets are worth $896 billion and they have 88000 employees to provide various products and services. Their core business lines are international banking, Canadian banking, markets, and global banking. It is a reputed international bank and also operates in over 50 countries and also trades on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. Scotiabank delivers corporate responsibility initiatives and donates millions of dollars each year to various communities all over the world.

In Canada, they offer small business, commercial and retail banking, and wealth management services to more than 10 million customers. They have a large network of over 980 branches and 3500 ABMs spread across Canada. They also offer life, home, health, auto, creditor, and travel insurance in Canada and BNS Insurance Agency distributes the home and auto insurance products. The Certas Direct Insurance Company underwrites the Scotia car insurance policies in Ontario. The Personal General Insurance Inc underwrites Scotia car insurance policies in Quebec. The Personal Insurance Company underwrites Scotia car insurance policies in all the remaining Canadian territories and provinces except Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. In these provinces, Scotia does not offer car insurance products as these provinces have government-run car insurance programs.

Corporate Governance In Scotiabank

Corporate Governance

A non-executive chairman leads the Scotiabank board of 17 directors, out of which 15 directors are independent. They formulated the corporate policy for governance in 2002 and review this policy every year at least once. The individual directors are elected by the shareholders through voting and there are 4 board committees. These committees follow the guidelines for composition independently and also have the power to appoint independent advisors. They also conduct a performance review every year for the committees and the board. All new directors go through an orientation program and receive an information book that explains the corporate policy for governance. They adhere to the code of conduct of Scotiabank.

Scotia Auto Insurance Discounts

Scotia offers savings on car insurance policies based on many criteria. When you bundle your auto and home insurance policies with Scotia then you may get a discount. Drivers of hybrid vehicles also get a discount on their car insurance policies. Students who attend school or university away from home and drive occasionally may also get savings. If you are a safe driver with no violations, accidents, or claims on your driver record then you may get a discount. The auto insurance premiums are calculated on your insurability risk. You may adjust your deductibles and coverage amounts as per your requirements and get savings. When you select a higher deductible you pay a lower premium. If you decide to lower your coverage limit then it is a good idea to check if you have sufficient coverage to mitigate a financial loss when you face a lawsuit.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Scotia

Scotia offers mandatory car insurance in the province as per regulations. As per the province that you live in you may have to get the liability coverage for a certain limit. You may increase this limit to $1 or $2 million for more protection. Scotia also offers various optional coverage that you could purchase.

  • $0 deductible coverage: If you have this coverage you do not pay a deductible when you claim for theft, at-fault collisions, or vandalism car insurance claims.
  • Guaranteed repairs coverage: You may get guaranteed repairs from one of the Scotia-approved repair centers for as long as you are the owner of the vehicle.
  • Rental replacement coverage: You get access to a rental vehicle to replace your vehicle when it is damaged and is getting repaired.
  • Non-Owner vehicle coverage: When you suffer damages to the vehicle that you borrowed or rented then you may claim for repair expenses.

Scotia Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance policy you may speak to your broker. You may also call Scotia directly on 1866.989.4742 and inform the advisor that you wish to cancel your policy. When you cancel your car insurance policy before the end of the term then you may pay a cancellation fee for administrative purposes. If you do not wish to pay the cancellation fee then you may cancel at renewal.

Making Scotia Car Insurance Claim

To make a car insurance claim you may call the emergency claims department. They are available 24 hours all days of the week and you may contact 1866.989.4746. It is recommended to have the details about your loss or accident to support your claim. You may report the date, location, time, and description of the incident or loss, witness information, and all parties and vehicles details related to the claim.

How Can I Get Scotia Car Insurance Quote

You may complete the online form to get a quick quote for your car insurance. There is also an option to call 1866.989.4742 and speak to an insurance advisor. If you are an existing policyholder then you may call the same number and also provide them with the expiry date of your car insurance policy. Or you may fill out a renewal reminder form. An advisor may call you to remind you about your policy renewal and avoid any gaps in coverage.

Contact Methods For Scotia Insurance

There are many ways to contact Scotiabank for your car insurance queries as follows.

  • Phone: You may call 1866.989.4742 for your service, sales or billing queries on weekdays between 8 am to 8 pm EST and Saturdays between 8 am and 4 pm EST. To speak to the emergency claims department you may call 1866.989.4746 anytime 24/7.
  • Self Service: There is an option to log in to your account by selecting your province and managing your insurance policies. You may add or replace a driver or vehicle, view your policy details, get a quick quote and submit a claim using this self-service.
  • Branch: If you wish to speak to an advisor in person you may visit one of the branches. To locate your nearest branch you may search online and narrow your search as per your location.


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