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A group of farmers from the communities of Purdue, Viscount, Last Mountain, St. Benedict, Delisle, Saskatoon, and North Battleford founded the Saskatchewan Mutual Fire Insurance Company in 1908. They started this as mutual insurance to help out each other in case of a loss of their buildings and livestock from a fire. By 1918 they started to offer coverage for fire, lightning, windstorm, prairie fire damages to livestock, stored grain, and farm buildings. They changed the name in 1919 to Saskatchewan Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company and operated only in Saskatchewan till 1927. They began diversifying in Alberta the next year and in 1930 started to offer auto insurance.

The complaints that drove the mutual insurance movement were still there. Insurance through stock insurance companies was expensive and hard to procure. A group of farmers in central Saskatchewan got together to discuss establishing their own insurance company. Ten farmers met and decided to move forward. Each contributed and sent one of their numbers to Portage la Prairie and Wawanesa, Manitoba, to examine how two similar mutual insurance companies did business.

Insurance operated on a distinctly different basis back then. Saskatchewan Mutual started with no funds on hand. It was created on the basis of promissory notes, where farmers pledged to pay premiums, the company looked at losses incurred and then assessed how much each farmer owed, which he would pay once his crop for the year had been sold. This continued until the Depression when the company began collecting 25 percent of a farmer’s premium in advance.

In 1933 they again changed their name to Saskatchewan Mutual Fire Insurance Company and started operations in British Columbia in 1936 followed by operations in Manitoba in 1939. By this time, they grew to be the largest underwriter of personal auto insurance in western Canada. In 1950 they got the Dominion Charter which is the federal license to underwrite insurance policies across Canada. In 1951 they adopted the final name change to Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company. Today SMI is one of the largest mutual casualty and property insurance companies in western Canada. They offer farm, commercial, auto, and home insurance products. The head office is located in Saskatchewan and the policyholders still own the company. They had assets in premiums worth $66.8 million by the year-end of 2015.

Auto Insurance Through SMI

Two of the three provinces in which SMI does the business have public auto insurance programs. In Manitoba, the provincial provider is called Autopac and takes care of most auto insurance needs. Saskatchewan Government Insurance provides basic auto coverage through its plate insurance, and companies such as SMI sell optional coverage, over and above what the provincial plan offers. This can extend accident benefits and personal liability coverage or insurance guarding against loss or damage to a vehicle. In Alberta, car insurance is handled by private insurance providers including SMI. While Alberta is among the more expensive provinces for car insurance in dollar terms, due to the generally strong economy, it has very affordable rates when compared with the average motorist’s disposable income.

Optional Coverage with Saskatoon Mutual Insurance

loss protection

SMI offers mandatory car insurance coverage as per the province regulation. You may also increase your coverage limits and adjust the deductibles as per your requirement. They also offer additional coverage and special endorsements that you could add to your auto policy. This gives more protection in case of a loss.

Saskatchewan Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance policy then you may inform your broker. You may also contact SMI directly and inform them. They will look at your policy term and issue a refund if any. When you cancel before renewal, you may pay a cancellation fee.

Making Saskatchewan Mutual Car Insurance Claim

To make a car insurance claim you may inform your broker or submit your claim online.

How Can I Get Saskatchewan Mutual Car Insurance Quote

In order to get a car insurance quote, you may contact your insurance broker. They may help you with any queries about your auto insurance policy and also give you a new quote.

Contact Methods For Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

  • Mail: If you wish to write to the head office you may address it to 279 3rd Ave. North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H8.
  • Phone: You may call 1306.653.4232 or 1800.667.3067 to reach SMI. The accounting department’s contact number is 306.653.4232.
  • Fax: The fax number to send your documents is 1306.664.1957 or 1888.664.1957.
  • Payments: You may pay your premiums online.
  • Broker: You may search for your nearest broker location on the website.


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