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Promutuel Assurance started operations in 1852 and is the 4th largest damage insurance company in Quebec. A group of villagers decided to protect their livestock and equipment from fire damage and started Groupe Promutuel in Huntingdon in 1852. Today this company has assets worth $660 million and has a strong history of more than 160 years. They have more than 100 service locations across Quebec and a large network of 17 mutual insurance companies to distribute insurance services. So the Promutuel group consists of 18 corporations across Quebec. They offer home, car, recreational vehicle, farm, and business insurance products.

Promutuel Assurance Auto Insurance Discounts

Promutuel Assurance offers discounts on car insurance coverage as per several criteria. This depends on the driver and vehicle profile, the level of coverage, driving record, location, etc.

  • A winning combination discount is when you get up to 25% if you insure both your car and home.
  • Antitheft system discount is when you install an anti-theft device in your car and you qualify for savings up to 10%.
  • The student program gives a 10% discount if you are a full-time CEGEP and university student aged less than 24 years.
  • Multiple vehicle discounts are available when you bundle your RV, ATV, or snowmobile insurance and you may get savings for each vehicle on insurance.
  • Owner discount is when you are the owner of your vehicle and you may save 5% on premiums.
  • Free replacement cost for up to one year is available when you buy a new car. Or this may apply until the next policy renewal date.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Promutuel Assurance


Promutuel Assurance insures private passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, scooters, and snowmobiles. They offer basic mandatory car insurance as per law in Quebec. This includes the third-party liability coverage and Section B. You may also purchase additional coverage for more protection.

  • Replacement cost coverage will help to replace your damaged car and without depreciation gives you a new car of the same make and model.
  • Claim for your travel expenses when you rent a vehicle for the short term after an accident. This coverage has a limit of $2250 per accident or up to $75 daily.
  • The death indemnity if you lose your life in a collision is up to $15,000. This amount will be $7,500 if your spouse dies in the collision.
  • You may claim for damage to borrowed or rental cars up to the limit of $75,000 and this applies in the United States or Canada.
  • The Pro plan is a comprehensive package with all this additional coverage.

Promutuel Assurance Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your Promutuel car insurance policy then you may inform your insurance broker or local mutual association. They will calculate your policy term and issue refunds based on the short rate table method. This means you may pay a cancellation fee for canceling early. This cancellation fee is for administrative reasons and policy handling costs. After deducting the cancellation fee they will issue the refund to you.

Making Promutuel Assurance Car Insurance Claim

You may file a car insurance claim by calling one of your local mutual associations if you are contacting them during business hours. Or you may submit your car insurance claim using the online form. This form is to submit a claim for a recreational vehicle or automobile. In case you want to notify about a claim after business hours then you may call the emergency claims service number 1888-590-2433.

Complaints Process

Complaints: If you are not satisfied with the service you may raise your concern and file a complaint with the complaints officer by writing. There are 2 options to submit your complaint. You may either submit the online complaint form or download a complaint form and mail it. The complaints officer will review your complaint and within thirty days of receipt start to process your concern. Once resolved they will send you a decision letter.

In case you are not happy with this decision then you may escalate your complaint to the Federation within 90 days. Their contact number is 1800 463 4888. The Federation will process your complaint and revert within 60 days. When you are not happy with the Federation decision then you may contact AMF or AUTORITÉ DES MARCHÉS FINANCIERS who regulate the finance sector. The contact numbers for AMF are 418 525 0337 and 1877 525 0337.

How Can I Get Promutuel Assurance Car Insurance Quote

To get a car insurance quote you may contact an insurance broker or a mutual association. There is an option to get an online quote on the website by filling out a form. You may also retrieve a quote that you calculated earlier by using another link. In case you wish to call for a car insurance quote then you may contact 1877-668-8835 and an advisor may assist you with your quote.

Contact Methods For Promutuel Assurance Insurance

You may contact your local mutual association affiliated with Promutuel or use any of the below contact methods to get in touch with them.

  • Phone: The contact number to reach the head office is 1877-668-8835, 1866- 999-2433, or 418- 840-9950. They are available to assist you on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.
  • Mail: You may mail your documents to the head office located on 2000, Boulevard Lebourgneuf, Bureau 400, Québec G2K 0B6.
  • Online form: You may also fill out the online form on the website about your query and an advisor will respond to your query.


We are not affiliated and make no representations or warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of Promutuel Assurance Insurance. This article is our review of Promutuel Assurance Insurance for information purposes only.  The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to Promutuel Assurance Insurance.

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