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Farmers used to have a tough go of it, convincing city-based insurance companies to issue policies to rural clients beyond convenient commuting distance. Of course, there was no TTC or GO Train service in 1876, when the directors of the County of Peel Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company were elected at the Society of Friends Hall in Claireville. These 15 directors represented the various communities in Peel County and the over 100 signatory property holders who backed the young company. These residents pledged their intention of supporting the proposed insurance company and the government of Upper Canada issued a special statute to bring the insurance company into being.

Peel Mutual Insurance was founded in 1876 as a fire insurance company in the county of Peel by a group of farmers. They are also a prominent member of the Ontario Mutuals. They have been offering home, auto, farm, and business insurance to Canadians. Today Peel Mutual is one of the largest mutual insurance companies based in Ontario. Their insurance products and services are offered by a network of brokers. The head office is located in Brampton.

Peel Mutual has always had its offices in Brampton, one of the core businesses around which the city grew. Today, Peel Mutual is one of the largest mutual insurance companies in Ontario and serves a large part of the central region of the province. Its broker network stretches from Kitchener to Peterborough, west to east, and from Hamilton to Penetanguishene south to north.

What is a Mutual Insurance Company?

Mutual insurance companies are those that are solely owned by those who hold policies with the company. The concept began in England in the 1600s, where people were concerned about protection from fire damage in the wake of the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed the homes of almost 90 percent of the city’s residents.

Profits earned by mutual insurance companies are returned to policyholders as dividends or premium reductions. By comparison, a stock insurance company might benefit only the investors in the company, not the policyholders.

Peel Mutual Auto Insurance Coverage

Peel Mutual provides standard Ontario provincial coverage as well as a list of optional endorsements. Among the highlights is the company’s GenNow! Discount, which is a special discount offered to clients whose children own or drive their own vehicles. Given the high cost that young people pay for insurance, even on a parent’s policy, this is a welcome budget saver. Peel Mutual offers discounts for combining home and auto insurance coverage, as well as for multi-vehicles listed with the company. Long-term policyholders qualify for additional savings and drivers over 50 and retired people have their experience and changing driving habits recognized with lower premiums. The company offers other options such as farm vehicle coverage, driving record protection, winter tire discounts, short commute discounts, emergency road service coverage, driver training discounts, and new driver rates.

As well as personal cars and light trucks, Peel Mutual offers coverage for recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, boats, and off-road ATVs. Each of these classes has special insurance coverage needs through either individual policies or covered under an auto insurance policy. Brokers handling Peel Mutual policies can check that you’re adequately covered and suggest options if you’re not.

Peel Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

Peel Mutual gives discounts and savings on car insurance policies for certain criteria. Some of the criteria that they offer discounts on are listed below.

GenNow discount: This is for young drivers who own or drive their own car.

Farm Vehicle discount: Get discounted rates for insuring your vehicle located on a farm. Peel Mutual was started by farmers and their insurance needs are a specialization.

  • Multi-vehicle discount: When you insure many vehicles with Peel Mutual then you may get a discount.
  • Property discount: Get your home insurance from Peel Mutual and they will give a discount on your car insurance policy.
  • Loyalty discount: If you had a car insurance policy with Peel Mutual for the long term then that may give you a discount.
  • Retiree discount: Retired drivers with a good driving record could get a discount on their car insurance policy.
  • Elite discount: Drivers above the age of 50 years with a good driving record may qualify for a discount.
  • Short work commute discount: In case your commute to work is a short drive then you may get a discount.
  • Driver training discount: You may get a discount when you complete a driver training program.
  • Winter tire discount: By installing 4 Transport Canada-approved winter tires during the winter season you may get a discount.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Peel Mutual

Peel Mutual offers a mandatory car insurance policy in Ontario to protect you from financial losses if you cause damage to someone while driving. It could be bodily injury or property damage and you may have to face expensive lawsuits. In case you caused an accident that killed someone then you have to have insurance to cover the damages. Peel Mutual also provides optional coverage to protect you from potential losses. You may find some of them listed below.

Protection Plus is an optional coverage you could add to your car insurance policy that protects your driving record. You retain your good driving record even after you involve in an at-fault accident.

You have the option to increase your coverage limits for accident benefits for added protection.

Accident Forgiveness is another optional coverage that will protect your driving record in an accident.

Transportation replacement helps you to claim for rental or travel expenses when your car is damaged and is being repaired.

Rental vehicle liability coverage helps to claim for any damages you cause to a rental vehicle that you do not own.

Peel Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your car insurance policy then you may inform your broker. You can get your broker details from your car insurance policy. Or you may also locate your local broker by using the online tool. You may contact the head office by calling 905.451.2386 or 1800.268.3069. Peel Mutual will calculate your refund if applicable to you. In case they use the short rate method of calculation then you may pay a cancellation fee. You may pay a cancellation fee based on the time remaining on your car insurance policy till renewal.

Making Peel Mutual Car Insurance Claim

To report a car insurance claim you may contact your broker or agent who will help you with the process. In case you are not able to contact them then, you may contact Peel Mutual directly by calling 1800.268.3069 which is the claims department contact number. The claims department is available to help you on all days and any time of the week.

The claims department will open your claims file and assign it to a claims specialist. They will get more information from you to assess the loss, any injuries and determine fault as per the rules. If you are eligible you may also get support for car rental and repair center which will take around 20 minutes. Then they will inspect your car to get an estimate at the repair facility that you choose.  When a Peel Mutual representative authorizes this estimate then you can authorize the repair center to start repairs on your car. You may have to pay a deductible if any to the repair center after the repairs are completed.

How Can I Get Peel Mutual Car Insurance Quote

To get a car insurance quote you may contact one of the insurance agents or brokers in your area. If you want to locate your nearest broker then you may use the online broker search tool on the website. You can begin your search by entering your postal code to find your local broker or agent. They can help you with your car insurance quote as per your need, limits, and profile.

Contact Methods For Peel Mutual Insurance


Email: You may not make changes to your car insurance policy by sending an email to Peel Mutual. For this, you may have to contact your insurance broker or agent.

Mail: The mailing address to write to the head office of Peel Mutual is 103 Queen Street West Brampton, ON L6Y 1M3.

Phone: In case you wish to call Peel Mutual head office then you may call on 905.451.2386 or 1800.268.3069.

Broker: Locate an insurance broker to discuss your car insurance needs by using the online tool.

Complaints: To file a complaint about anything that was not as per your expectations for your car insurance policy, you may call the head office. The Peel Mutual Ombudsman is the CEO and President John Lockwood and can be contacted on 905.451.2386 or 1800.268.3069. You may also email him at


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