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National Bank Insurance consists of 4 companies based in Quebec and offers over 50 products. They employ more than 400 staff and started operations in 1996 to offer investment, insurance, and pension plans to Canadians. The General Insurance section offers home and auto insurance products in Quebec. The Life Insurance section offers group and individual insurance products. National Bank Insurance Firm Inc. offers personal and group health and life products across Canada. NBC Assistance Inc offers assistance products for identity theft, health care, and concierge services. National Bank has many subsidiaries. These include National Bank Investments, Natbank, National Bank Financial, National Bank Trust, and National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc.

National Bank has many subsidiaries. These include National Bank Investments, Natbank, National Bank Financial, National Bank Trust, and National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc.

With a large selection of insurance products and services to choose from, National Bank Insurance has provided its clients with the ability to make personal choices. Life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance are just some of the personal protection services and products available from their experienced advisors as well as group insurance, group pension plans, personal and business investment options.

There are 4 main companies that make up the Quebec-based National Bank Insurance Company:

  • National Bank General Insurance Inc. is a property and casualty insurance company within the province of Quebec.
  • The National Bank Life Insurance Company offers insurance products and services for all of Canada.
  • National Bank Insurance Firm Inc. The financial services firm offers personal and group life and health insurance and investment products via registered brokers in most Canadian provinces.
  • NBC Assistance Inc. provides services including identity theft assistance, concierge services, and health care advisory services for their insured clients.

Services Available at National Bank Insurance

National Bank Insurance Company has more than 50 products and services available separately or packaged together to better suit your needs;

  • Auto and vehicle insurance with incentive discounts when combining home and auto insurance. With up to 2x $250 in savings on both your house and your auto policies.
  • No matter where you live National Bank Insurance has home insurance coverage for you. Allowing you to choose your coverage as needed. (Including water damage)
  • Life can be unpredictable but less worrisome with the protection of travel and Life and extended health insurance.
  • Nova Health, Critical illness insurance covers you in the event of cancer, heart attack, or stroke.
  • Debt is a major factor in modern living, let National Bank help you protect your family by providing Loan and Credit Card insurance on everything from your mortgage, credit cards, personal loans, even your auto loan or line of credit.
  • National Bank Insurance can also help your business with group insurance, financing solutions, pension plans, and Human resource assistance solutions.
  • The concierge service via National Bank of Canada Assistance Inc. provides personal assistance for their clients at any time if you have any questions regarding any of the products or services and what they can better do for you.
  • A thorough and easy-to-navigate website for you to get quotes, ask questions, and even file claims. Filled with helpful tips and advice for your home, business, travel, finances.

Market Strength & Reliability of National Bank Insurance

Strength & Reliability

With more than 400 dedicated insurance employees and more than 100,000 clients to boast, NBIF is a growing force within the Canadian insurance field. With more than 100 advisors nationwide and 16 of Canada’s biggest insurance companies as partners mean NBIF is providing the products and services, you can depend on.

National Bank Auto Insurance Discounts

National Bank gives discounts to car insurance policyholders for several criteria.

You may get a discount of up to $250 up to 2 times on your 2-year auto policy.

When you get a car insurance quote online then you may get a 15% discount.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With National Bank

National Bank offers mandatory car insurance coverage in Quebec as per province requirements for civil liability. This covers damage to others and your vehicle in case of a collision and there is no deductible. They also offer additional coverage for more protection.

All Perils: This coverage protects your car against most perils and you don’t pay a deductible.

Collision: You may claim for damages caused due to a collision.

Comprehensive: The coverage helps to claim for damages not due to a collision.

National Bank Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance you may inform your broker. You may also speak to the customer service team directly by calling 1877-871-7500 or 514-871-7500. In case you cancel early and not at renewal then you may pay a cancellation charge. They may issue a refund as per the number of months remaining on the policy.

Making National Bank Car Insurance Claim

To file a car insurance claim you may call 1877-871-7500 anytime all through the year. It is a good idea to have your policy details, loss description, the extent of damage, witness details, etc. when you call the claims department.

How Can I Get National Bank Car Insurance Quote

You may get a car insurance quote by calling 1888-929-3999 or contacting your local broker.

Contact Methods For National Bank Insurance

Phone: You may call 1877-871-3890, 1877-871-7500, or 514-871-7500 to reach the Montreal office from Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 8.30 pm, Fridays between 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays between 9 am to 4 pm.

Mail: To write to National Bank General Insurance Inc you may send it to 1100 Robert-Bourassa boulevard, Montreal (Quebec) H3B 2G7.

Branch: The online form can be used to locate your nearest branch if you have any queries.


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