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The Manitoba Public Insurance started operations in 1971 and is incorporated as a crown corporation. It is a not-for-profit organization and provides driver & vehicle licensing registration, and insurance services. They have many locations for claims and customer service spread across Manitoba. The Basic Autopac is the mandatory insurance coverage in Manitoba. There are about 300 Autopac brokers and 1750 staff that offer insurance services, Special Risk Extension coverage, and Basic & Optional Autopac products. The Special Risk Extension products offer coverage for large commercial trucks, fleets, and garages.

Manitoba Public Auto Insurance Discounts

They offer discounts on car insurance policies for various factors. You may drive safely and with no accidents due to your fault or any violations. Then you may get a discount. As per your driving habits and record you may get a discount anywhere between 5% and 33%. They calculate this discount on the basis of your Driver Safety Rating. A new person who moves to Manitoba may get discounts based on certain guidelines. It is recommended to get a Manitoba driver’s license before you purchase Autopac coverage or else you may not qualify for a discount.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Manitoba Public

Excess value

Manitoba Public Insurance offers basic & optional Autopac coverage as well as special risk extension coverage for commercial trucks. Basic Autopac insurance is mandatory in Winnipeg. This includes third-party liability, personal injury, and all perils coverage. The optional coverage that they offer is as follows.

  • Excess value optional coverage: The basic Autopac only covers up to $50000 for any truck, car, moped, motorcycle, trailer, prototype, or snow vehicle. You may choose excess value optional coverage to increase your limit.
  • Lay-up optional coverage: You may claim for accidental damage or loss. This does not include road use, damage due to a collision, claims made by other parties, or if you store your vehicle outside Manitoba or on public roadways.
  • Extension of Loss of Use optional coverage: This helps to claim for replacement transportation expenses when you cannot drive your car due to loss or damage.
  • New Vehicle Protection optional coverage: You may use this coverage to claim for the value of your new car without depreciation in case it is a total loss. This includes your purchase price, inflation allowance but does not allow a trade-in, warranty, service contract, or insurance. The coverage extends for up to 2 years as per the age of your vehicle.
  • Leased Vehicle Protection optional coverage: This coverage helps to claim for any trade-in allowance and the down payment that you paid when you leased your car for up to 2 years and is a total loss. It includes late models and new vehicles.

Manitoba Public Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your car insurance then you may contact an Autopac insurance agent and cancel your policy. In Manitoba, it is possible to get short-term Autopac coverage for a term of 30 days to 244 days. So, if you need insurance for a short term only then it is a good idea to get short term Autopac rather than cancel an annual policy. This short-term Autopac does offer the full package of basic and optional coverage and you must be a Manitoba resident.

Making Manitoba Public Car Insurance Claim

To notify a claim you may call the claims department on the below phone numbers as per your situation. The business hours for the contact center are on weekdays from 7.30 am to 7 pm and Saturdays from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

  • If you are calling from Winnipeg then you may contact 204 985 7000.
  • In case you are not calling from Winnipeg then you may contact 1800 665 2410.
  • To report a claim out of province you may call 1800 661 6051.
  • You may report a claim for bodily injury due to an accident by calling 204 985 7000 or 1800 665 2410.

In case your car is badly damaged and not in driving condition then they will arrange for towing service. This will get your vehicle to their compound to estimate the extent of the damage. If want to report a claim outside business hours then you may contact the contract towing service in Brandon by calling 204 729 9510. Or you may call the Winnipeg towing service on 204 956 4665. The number to contact for a towing service outside Winnipeg is 1800 665 2410. If none of the above options apply to you then you may arrange towing on your own and claim for the expenses. The contact number to report a claim outside the province is 1800 661 6051.

How Can I Get Manitoba Public Car Insurance Quote

To get a car insurance quote you may contact an Autopac insurance agent or visit one of the Manitoba Public Insurance locations. When you contact an Autopac agent to get car insurance they may ask you for the ownership document, certificate of inspection, and bill of sale (if you got a used or new car from a dealer).

Contact Methods For Manitoba Public Insurance

There are many methods to contact Manitoba Public Insurance for your queries.

  • Phone: If you are calling from Winnipeg you may reach them at 204.985.7000, 1800.665.2410, or 204.985.8832. The customer service center is available to assist you. On weekdays their timings are from 7.30 am to 7 pm and Saturdays 8.30 am to 4 pm.
  • Claims: To call about a claim outside of Winnipeg you may contact 1800.661.6051.
  • Online: There is also an online form that you may use to fill out your query and submit.
  • Locations: You may check for your nearest location on the website for your car insurance queries.


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