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Island Savings Credit Union started operations in 1951 in Duncan, BC. They offer a range of services and products in investments, banking, lending, and insurance in business and personal lines. There are 16 branches all over the islands in BC and in 2015 they became a division of First West Credit Union which is a financial service cooperative. Their board of directors is elected by the members and is democratic in governance. First West Credit Union is the 3rd largest credit union in BC and has assets worth $10 billion. They have over 240000 members. With over 1700 staff they operate across BC in 53 locations.

Underinsurance, they offer coverage for a boat, auto, home, RV, motorcycle, motorhome, condo, tenant, travel, agricultural, critical illness, medical and business insurance. You may bank, borrow, invest or insure with Island Savings products. Island Savings also provides investment and risk management products. They have locations to offer insurance products and services in Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Brentwood Bay, Lake Cowichan, Mill Bay, Nanaimo, Victoria, and Salt Spring Island.

Island Savings Credit Union Auto Insurance Discounts

They offer many discounts on car insurance policies based on several criteria. You may get a discount when you bundle your car and home insurance policies. Island Savings calculates car insurance premiums based on many factors.

  • Use of your car (work, business, pleasure, errands, etc.)How you use your vehicle (business, pleasure, etc.)
  • Location of your work, commute, home, etc.
  • Your claims history
  • The type of vehicle that you drive
  • The coverage amount and type of insurance that your choose

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Island Savings Credit Union

roadside assistance

ICBC offers the standard Autoplan coverage in British Columbia as per the law in the province. You may also purchase optional coverage for more protection as follows.

  • Collision Insurance: This coverage helps to claim for damages caused due to a collision with another car, object or vehicle rolls over. The minimum amount of deductible you may choose is $200 and you may increase it to lower your rate.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: The coverage helps to claim for damages that are not caused by a collision. When you claim under this coverage that does not affect your ICBC discount scale. The minimum amount of deductible is $100 and you may increase it to get lower rates. The deductible for windshield damage claims may be higher.
  • Storage vehicle coverage helps to protect your car that is in storage. This excludes campers and trailers used for living.
  • Replacement and limited depreciation coverage help to protect the value of your new car. You may purchase this coverage at the start of your policy term but no later than a year.
  • Extended Third-Party coverage helps you to increase your liability protection and you may choose a higher limit.
  • Underinsured Motorist Excess can help you to claim for injury when the other motorist does not have enough insurance to cover the expenses. This covers a pedestrian, cyclist, or a passenger and you can increase your limit to $2000000.

Additional Coverages

Loss of Use coverage will reimburse you the transportation expenses when your car is repaired. This includes rental expenses for a taxi or public transit. You may claim this loss only for the particular type of coverage. This means if you claim for vandalism then you may not claim for loss of use expenses under collision and you may claim only if you have comprehensive or all perils coverage.

Vehicle Travel Protection covers for losses away from home on a trip. This includes towing, meals, lodging, transportation, and phone expenses. The total limit is $500 or $1000 as per the number of people they have insured on the policy. The limit for towing expenses is $100.

Emergency roadside assistance helps you to claim for expenses so that you are not stranded when your car is damaged and breaks down.

Island Savings Credit Union Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance policy then you may inform your insurance broker. Or you may also contact one of the regional office locations near to you. They may assist you with the refund if any. You may pay a cancellation fee when you cancel early and to avoid this cost you may cancel at renewal. When you pay on a monthly payment plan then the refund process may be different.

Making Island Savings Credit Union Car Insurance Claim

You may report your car insurance claim by calling the emergency claims number 1800.737.4747 which is available to assist you 24/7. To report a claim to ICBC you may contact 1800.910.4222 or contact an Autoplan location. There is an option to submit an ICBC claim online too. The claims contact number for CNS Insurance is 1888.267.6766.

How Can I Get Island Savings Credit Union Car Insurance Quote

There are 3 ways to get a car insurance quote from Island Savings Credit Union. You may request a quote online through the website, visit one of the locations or call one of the locations. As per your car insurance requirements, an advisor will give you a personalized quote.

Contact Methods For Island Savings Credit Union Insurance

There is an online option to contact Island Savings. You may also contact the insurance locations on their phone numbers as below.

  • Chemainus location: 250.246.3273
  • Duncan location:  250.746.5575 or 250.746.4171.
  • Brentwood Bay location:  250.544.4041.
  • Ladysmith location:  250.245.0456.
  • Lake Cowichan location: 250.749.6631.
  • Mill Bay location:  250.743.5573.
  • Nanaimo Location: 250.722.7073 or 250.390.7070.
  • Salt Spring Island location: 250.537.4542.
  • Victoria location: 250.592.4728, 250.386.6343 or 250.474.7262.

Payment methods: You may pay monthly or upfront annually in a single payment. They accept payments through personal cheques, cash, debit cards, and credit cards.


We are not affiliated and make no representations or warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of Island Savings Credit Union Insurance. This article is our review of Island Savings Credit Union Insurance for information purposes only.  The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to the Island Savings Credit Union Insurance.

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