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IA Financial Group started operations in 1892. They offer life & health insurance products, savings & retirement plans, mutual & segregated funds, securities, mortgages & car loans, auto & home insurance, and financial products & services. There are branches across Canada and assets are worth over $126 billion. Over 5300 employees and 25000 representatives serve more than 4 million customers. Their distribution network is huge throughout Canada and also covers the United States. iA Financial Group started to trade on the Toronto stock exchange in 2000.

They have many subsidiaries such as The Excellence Life Insurance Company, Michel Rhéaume et associés ltée, Industrial Alliance Auto, and Home Insurance Inc. Industrial Alliance Pacific General Insurance Corporation, IA American Life Insurance Company, American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas, IA Clarington Investments Inc. T.E. Investment Counsel, T.E. Financial Consultants Ltd, Leon Frazer & Associates, Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc, Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc. Industrial Alliance Trust Inc, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc, FundEX Investments Inc, Investia Financial Services Inc, National Financial Insurance Agency Inc, Solicour Inc, and CTL Corp. The Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance Inc started to offer car insurance products only in the province of Quebec in 1949. The AMF or Autorité des marchés financiers regulate the insurance sector in Quebec.

Services and Products Available from Industrial Alliance Financial Group

  • Individual Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Disability insurance, Car Insurance (Quebec Only), Home Insurance (Quebec Only), Mortgage insurance, Mortgages, Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Individual Savings and Investment options RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, Segregated funds, Mutual funds, Securities, stocks, and bonds.
  • Guaranteed fund rates, fund performance reviews, economic and financial publications.
  • Individual Retirement Planning RRIF, RRSPs, LIFs, and Annuities.
  • Individual Loans, Mortgages, RRSP Loans, RESP Loans, Other Investment Loans.
  • Group Insurance, Medical and Paramedical care, Homecare Insurance, Vision and Dental Care, Life Insurance and Accidental Death and dismemberment Insurance, Short-term and Long-term disability Insurance, Travel Insurance, Extension Optional Insurance, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Transit (transitional insurance post-employment).
  • Catering to your small business (10-50 employees) or large company (51+ employees) Industrial Alliance has the plan to suit your needs. Modular, flexible, Administrative Services Only as well as a Cost Plus Agreement.
  • Group Retirement Plans RPPs, RRSPs, DPSP, TFSA, PRPP, IPP, Asset Management mandate by a third party.
  • Annuities, Insured, RRIF, and LIF.
  • Group Investment solutions to suit all risk profiles, Guaranteed Retirement Income, Guaranteed Investments, Automatic Rebalancing of Investments, customized portfolios, attitude portfolios.
  • Commercial Office Space for Lease in major Canadian Markets. Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, and other regions.
  • Commercial, Multi-Residential Mortgages
  • The IA-SAL division provides Canadian automotive dealers with comprehensive protection products for all vehicle types.
  • Creditor Insurance for the extended warranty, appearance protection, anti-theft coverage, replacement coverage, and warranty.
  • Access to Advisors and Brokers, Lawyers and Notaries.

Market Strength & Reliability for Industrial Alliance Financial Group

Today with more than 25,000 representatives, 4,000,000 clients, and 5,100 employees Industrial Alliance maintains ratings based on their conservatively managed investment portfolio.

  • Standard & Poor A+ (Strong)
  • DBRS A (High)
  • M. Best A+ (Superior)

The company’s Solvency Range is maintained above the 175%-200% target range for the last 5 years. iA Financial Group is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange ( TSE) as IAG. The stock has grown 460.4%, compared to 46.3% for the S&P/TSX benchmark index of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Industrial Alliance ranks 4th in Canada for Individual Insurance premiums, 3rd in Segregated Fund’s assets, 4th in Group Savings and Retirement assets, and 6th in Group Insurance – Employee Benefit Plan premiums.

Showing continual growth in their market since 2006 of Premiums and deposits Industrial Alliance performance is stable.

Industrial Alliance Auto Insurance Discounts


They offer discounts and savings on car insurance policies for many factors.

  • You may get a family discount when you insure your home & car with them.
  • When you purchase other products from industrial alliances such as RRSP, life insurance, mortgage, etc. then you may get a discount.

Mobiliz Telematics Program

If you are aged between 16 and 24 years then you may enroll in the Mobiliz telematics program and get a 25% discount. They offer a 1-month free trial and there is no fee to cancel if you want to discontinue. This telematics device tracks your driving habits and you get a discount for safe driving. A new driver may get a quick quote in less than a minute online and you may also chat with an advisor to ask your queries. There are 5 factors that they check to evaluate your driving and calculate your premium at month-end.

  • Mileage: The lesser that you drive, you may be charged less as the risk is reduced. The maximum mileage that they will charge you is 2000 km in a month.
  • Speed: Young drivers are more at risk of accidents due to overspeeding. So you may adhere to the speed limits to get a discount. When your speed is more than 18 km/hour than the posted speed limit then you collect points that may increase your premiums.
  • Acceleration: When you increase your speed then you may not stop easily at an obstacle and that may be unsafe.
  • Sharp braking: Abrupt braking during driving may not be a safe habit.
  • Speeding during nighttime: When driving during the night then you may not speed excessively and this applies between 12 midnight and 5 am.

Optional Coverage You May Consider Buying With Industrial Alliance

Industrial Alliance offers standard car insurance coverage as per the law in Quebec. You may also purchase optional coverage, add special endorsements or increase your limits to get more protection.

Industrial Alliance Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your car insurance policy then you may inform your insurance broker or agent. They will inform Industrial Alliance and help you with the cancellation process and issue a refund if any. When you cancel your policy early then you may pay a cancellation fee for administrative charges. You may not pay this fee if you cancel at renewal.

Making Industrial Alliance Car Insurance Claim

You may submit a car insurance claim on the website using the online services. Or you may call the claims department on 418.651.2424 or 1800.481.2424 and they are available 24/7. In case you wish to obtain or provide information about your claim then you may use another form online. After you submit this form the claims department will respond within 24 hours. If you wish to contact them in an emergency then you need not wait and may call 1800.481.2424.

How Can I Get Industrial Alliance Car Insurance Quote

To get a car insurance quote you may use the online form. This form has 4 sections and you may need to enter vehicle, driver, license details, etc. to get a quote. You may also speak to an advisor by calling 1-877-700-7773. They are available to help you with a personalized quote on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm and Saturdays from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

Contact Methods For Industrial Alliance Insurance

There are many ways to reach Industrial Alliance Insurance as below.

  • Phone: You may call 418.650.4486 or 1877.700.7778 to reach their office. They are available from Monday through Thursday from 8.30 am to 8 pm, on Fridays from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm and Saturdays from 8.30 am to 4 pm.
  • Fax: The fax number to send your documents is 1-877-650-4612.
  • Email: There is an option to send an email on the website.
  • Mail: The mailing address to send your document to the head office is 925 Grande Allée Ouest, Suite 230, Quebec City, Quebec G1S 1C1.
  • Claims: To reach the claims department you may contact 418.651.2424 or 1800.481.2424 and they are available 24/7.
  • Online services: There are many online services available on the website to help you track your car insurance policy. You may add, remove or replace a vehicle or driver as well as store the vehicle information on your policy online. The claims service form helps to submit a claim online too. You may also amend payment information such as direct debit date, amount, account, method, and address online.


We are not affiliated and make no representations or warranties, recommendations, or endorsements of Industrial Alliance Insurance. This article is our review of Industrial Alliance Insurance for information purposes only.  The logos, trademarks, and copyrights mentioned in this article belong to Industrial Alliance Insurance.

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