When an accident occurs with a vehicle, there is a great deal of immediate concern. Even if the accident seems minor. Individuals may not be aware they may have to report the accident to the police. And if so when and how do they go about this?

Do You Have to Report an Accident?

The answer to this question is yes and no. There are many factors that need consideration. They have to determine what is necessary in regards to the reporting. Part of this will depend on the damage. Drivers have to determine if the amount of damage done is over $2000. It is the total damage combining both vehicles. If it is, then the accident report needs doing.

There are other circumstances where it is mandatory to report the car accident. If anyone has received an injury, then it is necessary to make a police report. Any government vehicles involved in an accident need a police report. If may be that one or both of the drivers don’t have car insurance. If so, then this too is another reason why the report is necessary.

Any criminal act involving a vehicle accident requires reporting to the police. Impaired driving or driving under the influence are criminal acts.

Sometimes an accident can occur with one vehicle and may not involve another vehicle. For example, a car may strike a pedestrian. In this case, the accident needs reporting. Another incident where a report is mandatory is if there is property damage. This applies both private as a well as public property.

Can You File a Police Report After a Car Crash?

There may be a timeframe in which you have to file a police report after a car crash. If the accident is under the $2000 damage limit a report is optional.  But, no injuries can have incurred in the accident. In these circumstances, the report can be done within 24 hours. But if this is not the criteria, the accident needs reporting immediately.

How Do You Report an Accident?

How you report, an accident is going to depend on the severity of the collision. You can place a call to the local police to report the accident. They may tell you at that point to go to a collision reporting center.  They will dispatch officers to the scene. If there has been any kind or injury. Or for any of the other applicable reasons. Otherwise, they will send the drivers to the reporting center.

The Collision Reporting Center

The collision Reporting Center is a special facility operated by the police. There are police officers that are on staff at these facilities. They will be able to do all the same investigation that would take place at the accident scene.

It is important to make the call to the police first. So one is not accused of leaving the scene of an accident.

Get the Proper Information

If you are not able to drive the vehicle, you can have it towed to the Accident Reporting Centre. Each driver will be responsible for getting their vehicle to the reporting center. It is important before doing so that there is an exchange of information. One never knows whether the other driver will go to the reporting center. It will be important for insurance purposes.

The type of information that you are going to want to exchange with the other driver is as follows;

  • Get the full name.
  • Be sure to get the address and phone number of the driver.
  • Write down the driver’s license number as well as the vehicle details. The vehicle details will be the make model as well as the year and the license plate.
  • It is important that you get the insurance company name and the policy number for the other driver.

You will need to provide this same information to the other driver.

On occasion, a driver may be reluctant or refuse to give the information that the other driver is asking for. The information required is important both for the police reporting. It is important for insurance purposes. If the driver is not forthcoming with their information, then the police need notifying.

Make sure that when you arrive at the collision center that you have all of the information. There are several things that they will ask for. They are going to want your insurance documentation. Plus your registration and of course your driver’s license.

Do You Have To Report The Accident To Your Insurance Company?

Some feel that they have been in a minor collision. So they feel that they do not have to report to this to their insurance company. They might feel this way even if the Police were involved. They may assume that if they are going to pay for the damages themselves, there is no need to do this. But the insurance companies do insist that all accidents are reported to them no matter how minor. Or, even if the insured is going to pay for the damages it themselves.

Getting Your Police Report

You may not be able to get your police report the done for you at the collision center. But chances are you may need this for your insurance company. For those involved in an accident in Toronto, they can get their collision report for a fee. Currently, the fee is $67.80.  The request for this is done by mail or in person. It is only applicable to the Toronto area. Other areas will have their mandates for providing police reports. Also, keep in mind that some accidents take place on the highways. Then it would be the OPP that would have the reports.

It is important to know what to do in the case of an accident when it comes to police reporting. At the time the accident occurs it can be stressful and confusing. Knowing ahead of time what will help, will be beneficial should the circumstance occur. It is also important to be fully honest with the police. The same applies when at the reporting center.