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In Ontario, you pay far higher rates for car insurance premiums than in other provinces and you may wonder how to get better rates. There are many factors that could give you a discount on your premiums and one of them is your career or occupation. Insurance companies tend to charge low-income occupations more rates for liability coverage. Since engineers are a high-income occupation, insurance companies consider them a low-risk occupation and hence give better rates.

If you are a professional engineer in Ontario then it could mean that you get a break in your rates through OSPE Ontario Society of Professional Engineers too. Another organization membership that could lower your insurance rates is Engineers Canada. It is true that your education credentials and occupation category could positively affect our insurance rates. As an engineer, your premiums could vary as per your frequency and purpose of travel. It also depends on the cost of stock or equipment that you carry in your vehicle.

Is There Any Insurance Benefit For A Specific Career?


Certain occupations have industry affiliations and associations such as with labor unions and examples of these are teachers, doctors, etc. When you are a member of such an association you are at a better negotiation stand since insurers give group rates. Large organizations such as Engineers Canada or OSPE could get a reduced rate due to the power of the mass purchase of insurance. There are other discounts and offers that you may enjoy when you are a member of these. When you sign up to enroll as a part of Engineers Canada then you may take advantage of their program benefits. This organization started in 1950 and supports other provincial and territorial bodies that regulate engineering as a profession.

They also provide affordable insurance to thousands of engineers across Canada per year due to the massive membership. So, if you are an engineer then it is a good idea to check out with Engineers Canada or OSPE. This will help you to know what could be your best insurance deal. If you are an engineer you may be glad to know that engineering as a professional does get better insurance rates. As per insurance companies, engineering as a profession has a lower risk than other occupations. The educational background, social standing, and career level of engineers do play a good role in getting better insurance rates. And when you also belong to the Engineers Canada fraternity, you may benefit a lot from their group insurance rates.

How Do You Qualify?

Several provinces in Canada do offer this program of insurance benefits for engineers. If you are an engineer by profession and actively working in the same occupation then you qualify. Your family could also benefit from lower insurance rates. After you qualify for their programs you may enjoy discounts on several insurance options. These include home, tenant, and auto insurance, health and dental insurance, pet insurance, and many more products. You may call up your insurance provider to check your eligibility for a discount based on your occupation.

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