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Pothole Damage Car Insurance Coverage

Once in a while, you may suddenly feel that you have got a flat tire when driving along a busy street. You safely pull over to check and see it is a pothole. You look at the damage and start to wonder who will cover. It always helps to know if your car insurance will cover this kind of damage. It will help you to be sure of how to go about filing a claim. You would also know your options.

What Are Your Options

It is very common to hit a pothole while driving. There are so many on the roads. Especially during the winter season. You may try to avoid them by driving carefully. But if it still does happen, you may file a claim against the City where this happens. Due to various reasons, you may not favor from such a claim settlement. Claims process may also be tough and take a longer time of duration.

You may decide to pay for the damage out of your pocket. Or you may file a claim with your car insurance if the damage caused is more than the deductible. Some may choose to file a claim with the City and the insurance provider.

Is Hitting A Pothole Comprehensive Or Collision

In case you hit a pothole, you may check your insurance policy to see if you have cover for this type of damage. You may use a licensed mechanic to assess the extent of the damage. The damage caused by hitting a pothole is deemed as covered under collision. It is not covered under comprehensive coverages.

It is important to gather all the information if you decide to ever claim. You may take pictures of the pothole. You may also need to have proof of damage caused by it. You may require these documents while filing a claim. Sometimes this type of pothole damage may turn out to be a steep cost to repair.

Is Hitting A Pothole An At Fault Accident

Car hit a pothole

You may claim a pothole damage as a single car accident as it comes under collision. Insurance providers consider the damage caused by hitting a pothole as an at-fault accident. This type of at-fault collision claim may increase your rates. This change in rates may not happen midterm. The premiums may rise at next renewal.

You may work a way around this. You may have to prove to your insurance that the negligence of the City caused this collision. You may have to verify that the City knew about the pothole. You may have to prove that the City did not take sufficient measures to repair. You could also inform them there was no repair done within a reasonable amount of time frame.

It is tough but if proven, you may benefit. Your car insurance may treat this damage as a no-fault collision claim. Your car insurance could settle your claim and then deal with the City to recover the loss. This could also depend on who is your insurance provider too.

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