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Optimum Frontier is a name from the past in the Canadian insurance industry. It lives on today as part of the Optimum General Inc. family, which merged its subsidiaries, Optimum Frontier Insurance Company and Optimum Insurance Company, into the new Optimum Insurance Company Inc. (French version: Optimum Societe d’Assurance inc.). This simply represented a consolidation of corporate structure, rather than a move to expand or grow the business. Rather, it reflected the internal management changes that had both subsidiaries handled by one team in Montreal. J.C. Page, CEO, and vice-chair of the company’s board pointed to the efficiency gained through streamlined accounting and regulatory reporting. This merger had no impact upon policyholders, being entirely administrative. The new Optimum Insurance Company will operate from the same offices as before. These are located in Quebec City, Montreal, North Bay, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

Optimum Group

The Optimum Group is an international financial group, Canadian-owned, with a strong practice in life insurance, life reinsurance, consulting, and other financial services. The Optimum Group is the parent company of Optimum General Inc., a property and casualty insurance underwriter. After the 2005 merger, Optimum General Inc. oversees four subsidiary companies. These are:

  • Optimum Insurance Company Inc., providing P&C insurance in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba
  • Optimum West Insurance Company, serving British Columbia, Yukon, and Alberta
  • Optimum Frontier Insurance Company, covering Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut
  • Optimum Farm Insurance Inc., a Quebec-only subsidiary.

These are not direct writers of insurance. Their products are available through a network of insurance brokers.

Optimum Insurance

Commercial insurance

Optimum Insurance offers a range of products in the P&C category. Its residential offerings include homeowner, tenant, and condominium coverage, as most insurance companies do. You can also get insurance for dwellings under construction, hobby farms, seasonal properties, home businesses, and VIP cottage coverage. Commercial insurance products include restaurant, retail, contractor, clinic, professional services, jewelers, and automotive services businesses. Commercial auto insurance is also written.

Optimum’s Auto Insurance Coverage

As well as commercial vehicle policy coverage, Optimum provides a full range of personal auto insurance coverage. In addition to standard coverage, which varies by province according to local regulations, Optimum offers antique and classic vehicle coverage, motor homes and RVs, camper trailers, ATVs, snowmobiles, and transport trailers. Some of the key discounts available to Optimum’s personal vehicle insurance include:

  • Reduced rates for drivers over 40
  • Excellent driving rate discounts
  • Student occasional driver rate breaks
  • Multiple insured vehicles discounts
  • Multiple insurance product bundle discounts
  • Special rates for retirees.

Although Optimum Insurance Company Inc. operates in Manitoba, auto insurance is handled through a public insurance system, so Optimum products are not available in the province. Quebec has a combination insurance plan with both public and private components. Personal injury insurance is provided by the provincial government. All of the Optimum’s auto insurance products are available in Ontario.

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