Whether or not you’re the type of person to shop around for the best deal, it’s important to get multiple Ontario car insurance quotes from different insurance companies. The reason is that, unlike a package of paper towel that may fluctuate in price by a few cents from one brand to another, car insurance premiums can change drastically. Nobody wants to pay three times what they should for auto insurance, and getting a quote takes very little time.

Price Differences

The Ontario car insurance industry is highly regulated by the provincial government. Beyond the governmental rules, insurers provide their own operating rules. Administered by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, these rules receive approval and become binding for each insurer. Every company devises their own way, within their own rules, to calculate car insurance prices. No two companies are exactly alike.

This means that one driver taking his car insurance shopping list to several insurers may get three very difference answers to the “how much” question. This isn’t problematic or a failure of the industry. It’s competition in action, and can be a great advantage to the savvy car insurance shopper.

Coverage Differences

By comparing plans and talking to different companies, you’ll also get a chance to compare coverages. You may find that having glass coverage is extremely important to you or that one company can save you money on an auto club membership. Differences in coverage and perks that come with being a member will help you find an insurer that’s the right fit for your lifestyle.

Customer Service

Calling for a quote gives you a chance to test out the company’s customer service department. There’s nothing worse than signing on for a year with an insurer that you can’t stand. If you call and have to go through 500 menu prompts before being put on hold and met with a receptionist with an attitude, you may think twice about doing business with the company.

It’s a good idea to make notes of the things you like and don’t like about each company rather than just jotting down the prices. With any luck, the company you like the best will also be the one with the best customer service and the best coverages.

Car Insurance in the Internet Age

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Thirty years ago, car insurance shopping tied you to the telephone for as long as you could stand it. As with so many other aspects of contemporary society, the computer offers new and exciting ways to shop smart for car insurance. Ratelab’s car insurance calculator pinpoints the best prices for your car insurance needs through the rates of dozens of insurers. With the best prices and insurers identified, car insurance shopping is no longer a shot in the dark, hoping for a decent rate. You’ll still need to test fit the companies against your preferences. The more accurately you enter your information, the more confident you can be that you’re working with the best rates.