Scotiabank has a range of specialty mortgage products that go beyond the conventional variable and fixed mortgages. Some of the Mortgage products obtainable from Scotia Bank include the following:

The Long and Short Mortgage

The long and short mortgage permits you to exploit low-interest rates in the short term while ensuring that your interest rate does not increase in the long term. Under the Scotia Total Equity Plan, the long and short mortgage allows a portion of the mortgage sum to reset monthly as changes occur in the prime rate while the remaining portion is fixed at a specific rate for the term that an individual chooses.

Save Now or Save Later

This is an option offered by Scotia Bank for securing a cheap mortgage rate now and saving later with a guaranteed rate rebate.

Secondary Home Financing Program

This is obtainable if you happen to be looking to own a second home or searching for a getaway.

The Scotia Mortgage for the Self-Employed

This mortgage plan serves the special needs of self-employed individuals.

Start Right Mortgage Program


This program is for both temporary and permanent residents who are new to Canada. It is a project exceptionally intended to meet the mortgage needs of purchasing a first home in Canada.

Scotiabank’s Total Equity Plan

This gives you added control over your borrowing, both now and later on. The plan has potential to increase your savings so that you can pay for your children’s education, buy a new home or renovate an existing one, buy a new car, vacation property or even run a small business. Whatever you choose, this arrangement permits you to borrow up to 80% of the estimated value of your home.

Scotiabank has several online assets to help you discover a mortgage plan that is right for your needs. There are podcasts, solicitor forms, articles, and a custom mortgage iPhone application to help inform you. All these assets can be utilized as a guide to obtain the most competitive mortgage interest rate.

Scotiabank offers different Scotiabank credit cards including low-interest cards, reward cards and Scotia bank GICs that are all available under certain terms and conditions.

Scotiabank Contract Application Checklist

To speed up the mortgage application procedure and get your Scotiabank mortgage rate, ensure that you have the accompanying data close by:

  • Your monthly income
  • The estimation of any vehicles, properties, ventures, or reserve funds that you may have
  • Your present monthly rents or housing expenditures.
  • Details of the new property you plan to buy
  • Your partner’s budgetary data, if you are making a joint application.
  • The offsets and scheduled monthly payments of your current mortgage (including the tax on properties), credit cards or credit loans

It is important to check out other banks’ mortgage rates so that you know you are paying a competitive mortgage interest rate.