Clear Trust Mortgages Company Overview

Clear Trust Mortgages is a group of mortgage brokerage offices out of Vancouver city. 65 different mortgage experts make up the Clear Trust team. They are dedicated to building up the community and providing the highest level of service as they operate.

Dominion Lending Centres is the parent company of Clear Trust Mortgages. Because of this, the mortgage professionals at Clear Trust have access to over 50 different lenders. Using any of these lenders, Clear Trust Mortgages gives its customers the best products on the market.

Dominion Lending Centres merged with Clear Trust Mortgages back in May of 2015. Acquiring Clear Trust and their $300 million book of business has greatly assisted in their pursuit to being the fastest growing company in Canada.

One thing that has contributed to Clear Trust Mortgages’ success is their unique view of assisting new brokers. CEO Robert Afan’s favourite task is helping new brokers get started in their mortgage career. Support, guidance and encouragement are keys to their office’s triumph.

Products and Services Offered by Clear Trust Mortgages

The professionals at Clear Trust specialize in residential mortgage products only. Because of this, they are fit to assist homeowners who want to know all of their home financing options.

  • Mortgages: Clear Trust helps their customers find the right mortgage to buy a home. They set up first, second and third place mortgages behind other lenders. Mortgages are spread out over a period of years, which is called an amortization. Then, you agree on a set interest rate for a shorter section of time called a term. You will need to make payments monthly, biweekly or on a weekly basis depending on what works best for you.
  • Refinances: A mortgage refinance is useful for many different reasons. If you need large cash flow, refinances are almost always less expensive than unsecured loans. Overtime, some find that their mortgage payments may be too high for their circumstances. Refinancing and extending your amortization can give you lower payments. Others have the opposite problem, and realize that they would like to shorten their overall amortization.
  • Renewals: You will need to consider many things when signing on for another mortgage term. You need to decide whether or not you are comfortable with fluctuating rates. It is also important to think about it and when you would like to sell your home. A mortgage broker can take you step by step through all of the things to consider when renewing your mortgage.


Winner of the 2016 Canadian Mortgage Professionals Top Brokerages – Highest Performing Firms Award

Overall Verdict

payment calculators

The great success that Clear Trust has had in the Vancouver area attests to their commitment to customer service. They have a high standard for themselves and it shows in their work. Investing in their employees has paid off for Clear Trust.

Clear Trust takes it one step further, offering their customers the services of its many partners. This includes a long list of appraisers, real estate agents and other home ownership experts. Clear Trust takes all of the fear out of home buying.

Their website is a database of useful information and tools. You can find payment calculators, refinance or renewal calculators, mortgage comparisons, and even a penalty calculator. They also have regular mortgage articles to keep you up to date with new policies in the housing world.

For all those in the Vancouver area, Clear Trust is a reputable company worth your consideration. You can read the many testimonials of happy clients to help you make your decision. In conclusion, what makes Clear Trust are the dedicated mortgage specialists who are determined to create the best mortgage experience for you.

Clear Trust Mortgages Head Office Contact Details

Address: 600-1200 West 73rd Ave. Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5


Phone: 604-495-8787