Buying a house is exciting, regardless of the location or the costs involved. It is sometimes considered the biggest asset or investment you can make. In the process of buying a home, one can never ask too many questions. The more the questions asked, the better. Having said this, there are some basic questions to ask before purchasing a home.

What does the price include?

This question is very important as you want to be sure of what makes up the cost of the house. The seller may not always decide to part ways with assets like the appliances or furnishings, and it will be wrong to assume that they would. You need to enquire and be very sure of exactly what you are getting. In some cases, this could help you in bargaining for a fair deal.

What costs are to be paid monthly?

It should be noted that some fancy houses come with large costs for utilities, like old houses that are poorly insulated energy guzzlers. It is important to make these discoveries before you make an offer to be sure you are making a wise investment.

Are there any major repairs?

roof damaged

It is very important to be sure of whether or not there have been major repairs on any parts of the house and how long ago they were carried out. You might also want to be sure of the problem and obtain a guarantee if possible.

Reason for the Sale

While this might not be a very major issue, it could lead to chaos, especially if there are legal reasons involved. If this is the case, the vendor should have no problem telling you if he is honest. Ask neighbours and any other person who might know a few things about the house, the environment, and the community as a whole, as these might be some of the reasons the seller is moving.

What are the taxes?

Checking through the last assessment, you can earn the possible property taxes to be paid and how much they are. You could also get calculate land transfer taxes.

In your bid to get a house, it is important you do not judge the book by the cover. Ask as many questions as you can, even if you feel they are stupid.