The relative volatility of the housing market has seen homeowners and realtors experience good and bad fortunes in recent times. Purchasing a home is often an excellent investment. There are different ways of building equity. Here are some ways to help you build equity easier and faster.

A good way to build equity in your home is during a rise in the price of homes. A favourable situation would be if the price of homes rises, making your house worth more. But you should also be aware that a fall in the prices of homes would mean a reduction in the monetary value of your home.

You build equity in your home every time you make a payment on your mortgage, especially when you make large payments. Larger monthly payments and some fraction of your principal will help you settle your mortgage faster and build home equity quicker.

You can settle your mortgage even faster by making payments biweekly. This means you only have to make payments 26 times in a year and will reduce your mortgage term and save you a lot of interest payments, which in turn helps you build equity faster.

Home Equity

Another option that can be employed in building equity is by sMOhortening the mortgage term. This might need you to refinance into a mortgage with a shorter term and lower rate. This increases your mortgage payment size but ensures that building equity is achieved a lot faster. Caution should be taken when going for this option to avoid frequent and continuous refinancing that might suck the equity dry–a case that was very common during the housing boom.

Besides all the alternatives related to mortgage rates and payments in building equity, other simple ways of building equity include improvements on the home, regular maintenance to ensure the house is always in excellent condition, curb appeal, and of course, making a larger down payment.

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