Many components make up a vehicle. These contribute to the safety and performance of the vehicle. One of these components is the tires.  Vehicle tire buyers have expectations that they will place on their new tires. These are safety, performance, and durability.  But, often vehicle owners don’t realize the importance of these. One new tire that can meet all the major requirements is the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV tires.

What Type of Tire is the Alpin 5?

This tire comes into the winter snow tire category.

 What Vehicles is the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV Tires Applicable To?

As the vehicle owner, you may be aware of what tire size requirements are for your vehicle. If not then your owner’s manual will give you the information that you need. Also, usually where you buy your tires from will provide you with advice.

This Alpin 5 is for touring vehicles, light trucks SUVs and Crossovers.  There are fourteen vehicle versions that the Alpin 5 tires may be the perfect tire for. These include different sizes for vehicles such as;

What Makes the Michelin Pilot Apin 5 SUV a Top Performer?

The Aplin 5 Tread Pattern

MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 Pattern

This Apin tire comes with a new center groove direction tread pattern. The purpose of which is to help prevent the vehicle from hydroplaning. This new design also helps the vehicles to perform better in all types of driving conditions. Drivers face road conditions at any given time that are wet, dry or snow and ice-laden. Keeping in mind that the main focus with tread patterns is to help with traction. There are some versions of the Alpin 5 that will use a different tread pattern. This is under the tire specs and tire size information.

The Grip

Another function of the vehicle tires is to provide a good grip no matter what the road conditions are. Aside from the pattern the compound of the tires can help with this. The Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is made with a new polymer using the latest technology.


Winter drivers can struggle with the stability of their vehicles. Especially during adverse road conditions.

Pattern and grip capabilities allow for many benefits, such as ;

  • Components of the Alpin 5 Design Broad shoulders to assist in taking corners in a safe manner
  • Hydroplaning resistance provides traction on roads covered with slush, snow, and ice
  • Undertread design means more rolling resistance also affords greater fuel economy
  • The polyester casing is two-ply reinforced. This strengthens the sidewalls and makes these tires more durable
  • Tread support is two high strength steel belts. It allows for high-speed durability and being able to respond quickly to the road conditions

The Advantage of the Snow Platform Indicators

MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 Side Look

The Alpin 5’s Michelin tires come with snow platform indicators. This allows drivers not to have to second guess how the tires will perform when it comes to specific snow conditions. It shows the driver when the traction reduction due to the amount of snow. It is an indicator of how much tread depth remains. Also, at what point it will not handle the depth of the snow efficiently.

 Tire Size

Just as the design of the tire along with its compounds are important so is the tire size. These Alpin 5 tires are available in two versions for 19 and four for the 20 versions.

The Warranties for The Michelin Pilot Apin 5 SUV Tires

Michelin Promise Plan Warranty

When a vehicle owner is buying new tires, they expect them to come with some type of warranty.

Standard Warranty

For these Alpin 5’s Michelin is offering the standard limited warranty. This particular warranty covers any possible defects that may appear in the tires. As they relate to the workmanship or any of the materials used in the manufacturing of the tires. Or the warranty is in place for a six-year period. Meaning whichever comes first.

50,000 Kilometer Manufacturers Treadwear Warranty

This applies to the  Pilot Alpin 5 SUV ZP Speed Rating H and V.

When purchasing quality tires, owners expect these tire to have some longevity. This will all depend on vehicle use rather than the length of ownership. This warranty is a limited warranty for 50,000 km.  Some conditions apply to this warranty. It’s expected that vehicle owners will rotate their tires. If there are different tire sizes on the vehicle, this may not be possible. In this case, this warranty will over cover half the number of the km.

The Appearance


Safety and performance come first with a tire selection. Appearance is something that is important to most drivers. They want the tires to enhance the look of the vehicle. Approval for appearance for  The Pilot Alpin 5 SUV Tires is given by AMG, BMW, and Porsche which are all rated as premium car manufacturers.


The cost of the Pilot Alpin 5 SUV Tires for Canadian drivers is all going to depend on where you buy them. Also, whether you are buying just one or all four.

About Michelin Canada Michelin

There is a lot to consider when buying vehicle tires. Consideration should be given to the brand.  Michelin is a North American company. One that has been providing tire products for over one hundred years. Since the start of the company, it has branched out in the production of many different versions of tires. In Canada, this Company has three plants. All located in Nova Scotia and provides employment for about 3,400. Individuals.  The company has earned its reputation for the provision of top quality tires. As well as being a leader in innovation and using the newest technology. Particularly for boosting the safety, performance, and durability of their products.

Possible Extra Benefits of using the Pilot Alpin 5 SUV  Winter Tires

You may want to check with your insurance company. To see if they are giving extra discounts for the use of winter tires on the vehicle insured by them.


If you are looking for a good quality winter tire then the Pilot Aplin 5 SUV is a good choice. It falls into the mid-price range for this type of tire and is produced by a long-standing and credible tire provider.