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When you purchase your car insurance, it is an agreement between you and your insurer that is legally binding. As per this agreement, you disclose all relevant details to your insurer about your driving and your personal information. Honest and complete disclosure of facts is necessary when you sign on the dotted line for your insurance.  If you fail to do so they may deny your claim or increase your rates later.

The role that marital status plays in setting auto insurance premiums can’t be pinpointed directly, but it does suggest some tendencies. Car insurance companies in Ontario each create rates according to their own methods. While these rates must be approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, there are no standard calculation practices. Not every insurer considers a driver’s marriage as a risk factor.

Can I Exclude My Spouse From My Auto Insurance

As per the Ontario Automobile Policy, section 1.4.1, the policyholder is clearly responsible for notifying the insurer of any status change. This also includes any changes in the marital status of the insured. Your insurer expects you to list all the drivers who may drive your car whether they are living with you or not.

Even drivers who use your car occasionally need to be notified by your insurer. If you decide to exclude your spouse from your car insurance then you may do so. This would also mean that your insurer may not settle a claim when your spouse is driving your car.

Does Your Spouse Have To Be On Your Auto Insurance Policy

It is not mandatory for you to name your spouse on your car insurance policy. However, you must notify your insurer of any status change from being single to married. When you confirm to your insurer not to add your spouse then they may not assume any risk when your spouse drives your car. If you do not inform them and your spouse causes an accident then your insurer may deny the claim and cancel coverage.

Can Married Couples Have Separate Car Insurance

It is possible for married couples to have separate auto insurance policies. If you drive an economy car and your husband drives a luxury sports car then you may decide to have 2 policies. Or, if one of you has a bad driving record that could increase rates for both then you may think of separate policies. Poor credit is another common reason you may keep a separate car insurance policy.

When Separate Car Insurance For Married Couples Makes Sense

It is not a secret that if you have too many violations or tickets on the record that could increase car insurance prices. So, when your spouse does not want to include you in their policy due to your record, don’t be surprised. Most often couples prefer to keep their insurance matters separate when either of them has a bad driving record. Then the husband would drive his own car and pay for his insurance as per his driving record.

You may consider separate policies for the following scenarios as a couple:

  • Drives a luxurious car model that is more expensive to insure
  • The car is a limited edition classic car
  • One of you drives more distance every day per month

The wife would be solely responsible for her insurance claims and premiums as per her driving habits. But if either drives the other’s car and also causes a collision then that may not be something the insurer would cover. Even if you were rushing for a medical emergency your insurer may not give any leeway.

How Marriage Affects Car Insurance

Not all insurers consider your marital status as one of the criteria for calculating insurance premiums. There are several other factors that insurers consider such as your driving record, location, vehicle profile, claims history, etc. Whether marriage affects the insurance rates may depend on the insurer’s discretion. If their research and data back up the theory that married folks are safer drivers then they may consider marital status.  They may look at their claims data and derive the conclusion that married drivers cause fewer collisions.

These insurance companies may have their calculations for your risk rating and charge as per their underwriting conditions. You may also avail of multi-policy discounts when you include your spouse’s car on your insurance policy. So, this will be an advantage to you as per your marital status.

Does Car Insurance Drop After Marriage

Most car insurance companies do provide a discount when you get married, especially if your spouse has a good driving record. When both partners have good driving records then when they combine their insurance the rates do drop. So, even if your spouse drives your car occasionally it does reduce your rates with a good driving history.

Benefits Of Adding Spouse To Car Insurance

The primary benefit of adding a spouse to your auto insurance is to get a multi-car discount on your policy. This could be savings in the range of anywhere from 10% to 20% and is significant to reduce your rates.  If you also happen to have your life, health, and home insurance with the same provider then this could translate to huge savings.

Your car insurance may reduce when your spouse:

  • Drives fewer distances than you every day and in lesser traffic conditions
  • Has a better or equally good driving record than your record
  • Has an economy car model with good safety features and a good CLEAR rating

What Does It Mean To Be A Named Driver

A named driver is someone who may have insurance to drive a vehicle occasionally with the permission of the policyholder. In this case, the policyholder is the main driver who does most of the driving and the named driver is only listed on the policy. So, in case the named driver gets into a collision the insurance coverage would extend to cover them too. It is possible for a primary policyholder to be a named driver on someone else’s policy too.

When you let someone drive your car then you need to disclose this to your insurer and also name that driver on the policy. However, if you let someone drive your car all the time and name you as the main driver to evade rates then it could be wrong. If your insurer finds this out when you file a claim then they may reject your claim and cancel your policy.

How Car Insurance Rates Are Calculated


Car insurance companies combine both personal and statistical data to create prices. One of the primary personal factors is a motorist’s driving record and insurance claims historyYoung drivers don’t have the time to amass this history while in their teens. With the average age for first marriage in Canada around 30, motorists are well past the post-25 car insurance boundary. At age 25, most drivers amass six or more years of driving history and move out of the high-risk statistical phase. Again, because insurance companies keep premium calculations proprietary, it’s difficult to demonstrate precisely how marriage affects car insurance. Statistically, single people, particularly males, receive more speeding ticketsYoung males have more accidents and higher insurance claims. It’s likely that the responsibilities of married life with a new family moderate aggressive driving tendencies.

Vehicles that appeal to young families, such as minivans, four-door sedans, and SUVs tend to come with cheaper insurance bills. Married couples may have more than one vehicle, qualifying them for multi-car and other bundling discounts. It may be simply that married people have circumstances that contribute to affordable car insurance. The marriage itself may be secondary. Common-law couples report even fewer collisions than their married counterparts.

Car Insurance and the Single Person

Once a driver is past age 25, it may be that there’s not much difference between single and married status, assuming that driving records are similar. Not every insurance company includes marriage as a personal factor. The FSCO does include marital status as an item on its recommended form for approaching an insurance agent or broker, however. A single driver with a record free of tickets and insurance claims has more control over their car insurance premium fate.

Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Beyond a clean driving record, there are a number of ways for any motorist to trim their insurance bill. An easy method is through discounts and promotions. Savvy motorists regularly inquire about rate reductions for which they may qualify. Insurance companies rarely volunteer information about when a driver qualifies for a discount, so it pays to ask.

Ontario also has a minimum level of mandatory insurance, below which a driver cannot purchase. Mandatory coverage isn’t complete, and most insurance companies recommend more coverage. This is usually a good idea — to a point. In particular, liability coverage at the minimum level may be insufficient to protect a driver against lawsuits due to at-fault accidents.

Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance

The best way for any auto insurance consumer to save money on their policy uses comparison shopping. One of the most convenient and effective tools for this is Ratelab’s car insurance calculator. In less than ten minutes, you can enter your data to start the quote process.

Begin now by entering your postal code below and completing the quote request form. Ratelab searches over 50 car insurance partners for the best rates on the most appropriate coverage. Married or single, you’ll find your best rates here.

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