If you are in the market to shop for a car then you may already have an idea which type of transmission you would prefer. You may look for a car with either manual or automatic transmission as per your choice and other factors. Before you actually buy a car it is a good idea to know the difference between both and how each type may suit you. Maybe you could change your mind after you read this!

Advantages of Manual Transmission Car


When you drive a manual transmission car, you adjust speed by using the gear shift and clutch pedals that do require more skills to operate the car. These cars have an extra pedal; the clutch that allows you to shift gears. Each gear has specific speed setting ranging from 1 to 6, and then there is the neutral and reverse gear.

  • You may get a better fuel economy with a car that has a manual transmission as you control the car’s revving power.
  • A manual transmission gives you more control over the car and may not require frequent use of brakes to slow down. This helps you to cut down on wear and tear on the brakes.
  • These cars have simpler parts and are cheaper to maintain in the long run as the technology is not as complicated as automatics.
  • The cost of a manual transmission is less than an automatic version of the same car. You may have significant savings when you choose a manual over automatic transmission car.

Benefits of Automatic Transmission

automatic transmission

Automatic transmission cars offer you riding comfort by changing gears and you don’t have to shift gears to adjust the speed. These cars may not have a clutch pedal but do have a torque converter that does the same job; separating transmission from the engine.

  • You may worry less about shifting gears and focus more on road safety as there are fewer distractions while driving an automatic.
  • If you drive in a big city with congested traffic you may find driving an automatic more comfortable. These cars are also better for driving comfort in hilly terrains.
  • In newer model automatic cars you may find that the speed shifts are faster and help you to easily merge into traffic.

Which Is Better Manual or Automatic Transmission?

The method that you use to shift gears in your car is the main difference between using a manual or an automatic transmission. If you are a new driver then you may find the manual transmission cars more cumbersome. It does require quite a bit of practice to master the correct use of clutch and shifting of gears efficiently. Due to fewer complexities in engine transmission, the manual cars do go a long way without expensive repairs. So, the maintenance cost is less and you may also get a better mileage. With an automatic transmission, you have lesser control and it does use more fuel. They cost more than manual cars and the price gap could be a significant factor in choosing one over the other.

If you live in a small city with less traffic flow and are an expert with manual cars then it may suit you more than an automatic. Or, if you have a hectic schedule in a city with crazy traffic and commute long distances then you may prefer the automatic transmission. No one wants to constantly shift gears or press the brakes down at a signal or it could roll forward. When you know to drive a manual and an automatic then you may have a clear advantage as it could help you in an emergency situation.