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Pros & Cons of a Leather Car Interior


Cars come with two types of interiors: leather or cloth. Leather interiors are extremely popular, and today’s auto manufacturers offer several colors of leather to choose from. The types of leather used in cars have changed over the years. Today’s manufacturers prefer types of leather that are more refined and more affordable. If you’re having a hard time deciding if leather is right for you, look at these pros and cons of leather car interiors.

Pros of Leather

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New leather looks great, and anyone who’s ever bought a new leather vehicle will tell you that the crisp, high-end look of leather was one of the things that originally drew them to the vehicle. Auto manufacturers are making leather interiors in black, grey, and beige that beautifully complement the exteriors of the vehicles.

In addition to being lovely to look at, leather practical. It is easy to care for; spills are wiped away with ease. There are numerous leather cleaning products on the market that allow vehicle owners to wipe away any dirt or stains while maintaining the fabric’s integrity. Fabric upholstery is much more difficult to clean and requires special machinery.

For many, the biggest attraction to leather interiors is the option of moon roofs and heated seats. Moon roofs are sometimes available with cloth interiors, but are much more common with leather, because if left open in the rain, water won’t damage the leather as it will damage cloth. Heated seats are only available with leather upholstery, making it the obvious choice for anyone living in a cool climate.

Cons of Leather

The biggest con of having a leather car interior is that it doesn’t age as well as cloth. In the beginning, leather seats look classier better than cloth, but after several years, the leather starts to look old and worn down as cracks and creases appear. Cloth looks good for years.

Leather seats are available in fewer colors than cloth, so if you’re someone who values a personalized car interior, you may want to go for cloth. Leather interiors are limited to black, grey and beige for the most part.

Whether you choose leather or cloth, both materials will look great when the car is new. If you don’t plan to keep your vehicle for more than five to ten years, you may want to indulge in leather. If you plan on having the vehicle for a long time or are buying used, cloth may be the safer option.

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