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When you get car insurance it is a good idea to be aware of who is covered under your policy.  You have to provide information regarding the licensed drivers in your family when you apply for insurance in Ontario. You may choose to exclude your child or other occasional drivers from your policy. For doing this you may have to ask for and complete Ontario’s excluded driver endorsement form.

Including Your Children on Car Insurance

Most insurance companies in Ontario may ask you to notify them when your child gets their license. Some companies may not list them on the policy if they have a learner permit. It is crucial that there is no collision when your child has a learner permit and drives responsibly. When your child upgrades their license then you have to inform your car insurance. This update may increase your car insurance premium. Your children are covered by your car insurance if they are licensed and have consent to drive your car. The decision to add your children to your car insurance may have positive and negative results.

Benefits of Adding Children on Car Insurance

Children on Car

When there is a collision involving your child as a driver, your insurance company checks all details you had provided prior. It is important that you had disclosed that your child lives with you and add to your policy. If not, the damages could be costly when you file a claim. You may also inform the insurance company if your child will be a part-time driver or full-time driver. The cost of insurance is less when your child will be a part-time driver.

Your child can build insurance history by being named on your policy. This will help them when they get their own car insurance. They can gain a discount for claim-free driving history when they buy a car. Your child will not be considered a new driver when applying for car insurance.  By adding your children to your policy their insurance record becomes traceable and gets credit for claim-free driving.

Drawbacks of Adding Children on Car Insurance

Adding extra drivers on the car insurance will increase your premiums. If your child is involved in an accident while driving your vehicle, your insurance rates will increase. The age of your child matters as premiums increase when they are aged between 16-24 years old even with a clean driving history.

Car Insurance for Child not Living at Home

Any driver is covered by your insurance policy when they live with you. Your car insurance can cover your child even when not living at your home. This is true mainly when your child occasionally drives your car too. However, if your child is excluded from your policy and is involved in an accident with your car they may get sued. Thus your child may be covered by your car insurance if they live with you or separately. Whether or not your child lives with you, it is recommended that you may add them to your insurance if they drive your car.

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