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Those that are going to visit Canada most often want to be sure that they are going to have some insurance coverage. When buying this type of insurance, there are a lot of questions that arise.

How Much Insurance Coverage Should I Buy?

It all depends on the individual. How long they are going to be staying in one consideration. Also, the mode of travel may have some bearing on it as well. In general, many Insurance companies recommend a good amount of medical coverage. With the average amount being at least $50,000. It is important in the case of hospitalization. A hospital stay in Canada can run up to $2,500. for each day.

When Is the Best Time to Buy the Insurance Coverage for Canada?

Usually, the best time to purchase insurance coverage is as soon as the trip’s confirmed. Also, once it has been paid for. Pay close attention to the start date of the policy. Also, look at the terms of the insurance. Some will not provide sickness coverage for the first twenty-four hours. Others may not cover it until after several days of the start date of the policy.

Should I Be Concerned About the Deductibles?

Deductibles refer to the amount you must pay before a claim’s paid out. Some Insurance companies may have a $200. Or $500. deductible for medical expenses. It means the insured has to pay the deductible first. Then the insurance company pays the balance of the cost. Up to the amount of insurance coverage.

Also, deductibles can differ. One may have deductibles in place per each claim. Others may have for the period of the policy period.

What  Are the Pre-Existing Conditions?

One of the things of concern is the pre-existing condition restrictions.

These can include illness or injury or any other type of medical condition. It is those where the insurance applicant is currently receiving treatment for. Or, it could be for previously diagnosed conditions. Every insurance company deals with pre-existing conditions differently. It is important to know what the exact conditions of insurance are. Also, the individual must be honest about any pre-existing conditions.

Some common types of pre-existing conditions are…

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic diseases

This is just a short list there are many more.  Medical condition disclosure is important to the insurance company. They will decide as to whether it is going to be an issue with the insurance coverage or not.

Will I have to Go Through a Medical Examination?

Insurance companies offering visitors insurance to Canada do not require a medical examination. At least not in most cases.

Are the Insurance Policies for Visitors Insurance Refundable?

There may be circumstances where an insurance buyer has to cancel the policy. It is prior to it becoming in effect. Some insurance companies will issue a partial refund. They will usually charge an administrative fee. They may also charge a cancellation fee. However, they all have different rules concerning this. There may also be other cases where a portion of the insurance paid for is refunded. It may be if the insured is leaving Canada early. Earlier than what the policy was providing coverage for. Or, if the insured was able to get medical coverage in Canada.

Am I Restricted to the Type of Medical Care I Use While In Canada?

Visitors to Canada who have visitors insurance are not restricted to specific medical care. However, it must fall into the realm and criteria for regular medical services.

What Will Be Covered by the Visitors to Canada Insurance?

There are several different insurance companies that offer this type of insurance. They will all have standard regulations that they follow. Plus, they will have their own rules and regulations in place. It is what makes the insurance companies different. Based on this they will all have their own policy coverage offerings. It is what makes it important to shop for this type of Insurance.

What is Not Covered?

Knowing what’s covered of course is highly important. Also, knowing what is not covered is equally important. It is not wise to make assumptions about insurance coverage.  Read the policy carefully. Ask lots of questions.  Doing this will give a clear understanding of the policy coverage.

How Should I Shop for Visitors Insurance in Canada?

It shouldn’t be assumed that all insurance is the same. Even when it comes to visitor’s insurance to Canada. A good way of buying this insurance is to first start with some quotes. These quotes are like a starter list for those who offer this type of insurance. The decision to buy shouldn’t be based on the premium cost.

After getting a list of quotes, ask further questions. The ones outlined here are good starter questions. Then specific questions should focus on the individual’s needs. Everyone has different needs when they are traveling. Knowing how the insurance company will handle these needs is going to be important.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Visitors Insurance to Canada?

Many that are going to travel to Canada may have the choice of buying insurance in their country or from Canada. Most agree that buying this insurance from Canadian insurers is the better way to go. Claims are usually paid out quicker. Many healthcare providers in Canada prefer to deal with Canadian insurance companies. Many times the doctors and hospitals will directly bill the insurance provider. It means the visitor does not have to put money out of their pocket

Canadian Insurance companies have protection with their own Insurance that ensures payments of claims. In the event, the insurance company was to go bankrupt.

Having Insurance is the Right Choice

Canada is a wonderful country to visit. It is also considered to be safe and is not likely to appear on a travel advisory list. However, anything can go wrong for a visitor in any country. Not having insurance to protect them against some of the costs can be devastating. It is much better to be safe rather than sorry.

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