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Snowbirds truly do love escaping the harsh Canadian winters. They usually choose warm sunny locations to do so. The Canadian winters can belong. So many snowbirds like to avoid as much of it as possible. To do so means being away from home for several months. It raises some concerns regarding different types of Insurance.  Many look into and buy travel insurance for Snowbirds.

Why Do Snowbirds Need to Think About Snowbird Insurance?

Snowbirds cannot assume that everything is going to be perfect when traveling from home. Especially when they are going to be away for an extended period. One of the most important components of snowbird insurance is that it covers health expenses.

Tips for Making Sure That You Have the Eight Snowbird Insurance

A lot of people don’t like applying for snowbird insurance. It is because there can be a lot of paperwork involved. There are a lot of questions that need answers.

There are several different segments to snowbird insurance. For each of these, there may be eligibilities attached to them. In some cases, not all of the insurance will be available for an individual. Still, it is important to see what is available to them. Next is to determine if it is going to be beneficial.

Be Honest and Accurate with the Application.

Making a mistake or providing misleading information could mean a claim denial.  It is worth checking over the application twice to make sure it’s right.

Read What You Are Signing.

Taking out a snowbird insurance policy means signing a contract with the insurance provider. Make sure that you read the policy in its entirety. It contains all the information on what the coverage is for. Also, it entails what is not covered.

Also when reading your policy make sure you understand what the definitions are. For example, you may see a definition for treatment.

Use the Contacts

If a health issue arises most likely a term of your policy is that you must contact a hotline or an assistance number. Usually, it is a stipulation that you do this as soon as you can.

Know About Elective Procedures

Keep in mind that most snowbird travel policies will not cover elective treatments. For example,  a medical procedure may be better at the place of destination. It is not accurate to think that the policy covers this. This type of insurance usually only covers necessary medical treatment. The type of treatment that is immediate.

Travel Warnings

Keep in mind that every country is not considered to be the same. There are some travel advisories in place for some locations. Make sure that the snowbird insurance is not exempting these.

Fully understand the deductibles.

There are many different types of insurance for snowbird policies. Each Insurance company will offer its own unique package. Most often they will contain a deductible. It is up to the insured to fully understand what these are.


Some medical conditions may disqualify an individual from being eligible for snowbird insurance. Others may insist on a period of stability. The insured must fully understand what the restrictions are. If there are any for this segment of the insurance.

How Your Provincial Health Coverage Relates to Your Snowbird Insurance

There are many snowbirds who live in Ontario. As such they have their provincial health insurance. What some may not realize is that this could affect the snowbird insurance

Some snowbirds are at risk of losing their provincial health care coverage. It can happen if they stay out of the province too long. There are some insurance companies that will not honor medical claims. Based on the cancellation of the provincial health insurance. They will insist for the policy to be valid that health care is also valid. It is because many of the Insurance companies have made agreements with the Health Ministries.

Insurance companies may coordinate with the Province.  In regards to the cost of claims in conjunction with the provincial health care provider.

Snowbirds should check how their snowbird insurance may be affected by their provincial health care.

What Kind of Snowbird Insurance is There?

With there being so many different insurance companies, of course, there will be many different types of plans. Most will have the same coverage categories. Some may have additional coverage options. Others may be more lenient with some of the common restrictions.

Some of the variations in the snowbird insurance may include…

They cover specific components of the insurance. For example, one may be able to buy medical insurance only.

Some may have annual packages. This may include longer-term coverage. Or allow for the travel back and forth during the year.

There may be packages that include trip cancellation and trip interruption. Plus, it might include baggage loss.

In addition to this, there can be variations that are used as enticements to get insurers to sign up with a company. For example, some may include emergency dental care as a result of an accident. Other inclusions may be specific coverage for a relative. In the event, the insured took sick while away and ended up in the hospital for an extended period.

Options for Buying Snowbird Insurance

There are lots of ways one can go about buying snowbird insurance. Some choose to use the same company they use for their other insurance needs. It is often more convenient to just a company that one is already familiar with.

Using a Broker

A traditional method for buying insurance in the past is to use a broker. Brokers will shop around for different types of insurance.

Using Quotes

Many people are now taking on a hands-on approach to buying insurance. They do this by having a list of insurance companies that offer what they are looking for. Then they can narrow down the choices till they find the right one. It is done by asking specific questions to the Insurance Companies. Based on the answers the insurance shopper can make an informed decision.

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