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One of the common reasons for traveling is usually for pleasure. The focus is usually on the exciting aspects of the trip. Even the planning stage is fun and exciting. Often what can happen is not considering what can go wrong on a trip. Nobody enjoys thinking about the negative aspects of travel. Yet, not doing so can have some serious consequences. It doesn’t take a lot of thought or work to arrange for travel insurance as a Canadian traveler. At least, not once do you understand the importance of it.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Travel Insurance for Canadians?

There are some common but potentially serious things that can go wrong during travel.

A Medical Emergency

Nobody likes to think about taking sick when away from home. However, it can easily happen. Sometimes it may be a minor illness that does no more than take up a few days of the vacation. At other times it can be more serious in nature. It may require the need for medical care, prescriptions, or hospitalization. At worst it could mean having to return home.

Trip Cancellation

The cost of travel is not normally cheap. Most often when a traveler books their mode of travel they must pay the full cost for it at the time of booking. If something unforeseen arises and the trip is canceled what happens to the paid trip? In most cases, it means that it becomes a loss.

Lost Luggage

It can be most distressing for one to arrive at their destination only to find that their luggage is lost. Or returning home and finding the same thing. All those beautiful gifts and souvenirs are now lost with personal belongings. Having to replace these either ways can be very expensive, not to mention how frustrating this is.


Important documents and money theft are two conditions that could put a damper on the trip. Being stuck in a foreign location without one’s passport or any money is frightening.


When one is outside of Canada, one may not be familiar with the language. Or they may not know the resources that are available to them at their travel destination. Having a resource to use for assistance no matter what the emergency may be is of great benefit.

Is It Compulsory To Have Travel Insurance for Canadians?

It is not compulsory to have travel insurance for Canadians. However, it is extra protection that requires some serious thought.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Travelling within Canada?

Not every Canadian decides to travel outside of the country. Many like to visit different provinces for a vacation. Or, perhaps to visit relatives. Being as they are remaining within the country they may not give a second thought to travel insurance.

Many of the provinces have their own provincial health insurance. However, there are usually restrictions on this insurance. In regards to when its users are in another province. Many of the medical costs they may incur might not get paid for. Most often they are not. Although, some provinces have agreements where there will be a limited amount of coverage.

Every province sets its own health coverage rules. Ontario, for example, has some additional rules for medical coverage while in another province. Coverage is provided for an insured out of province if it is an emergency, or there is a need for immediate care. It will apply to those who are traveling or are working out of the Province. It will also include students who are attending school in another province.

Non-emergency care is also covered in some cases. If the specific care has been recommended by a physician. A licensed physician who is practicing in Ontario. Or, if the services are provided by a physician with the same criterion. This should not be taken for granted. It is strongly suggested that there is confirmation by the Ministry of Health first.

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

To make an informed decision, the first thing you need to consider is the “what ifs”. Meaning what are the most likely mishaps that could take place. The reason you want to do this is simple. There are many different insurance companies. Many of them offer all kinds of travel insurance for Canadians. You only need to buy what you think will be important.

Some people travel to many different destinations. They should consider trip cancellation or lost luggage. Based on the fact that you are going to have more exposure to this.

It may be that you are going to be renting a car at your destination. This may put you at a higher risk for accidents. In this case, you want travel insurance that is going to deal with this.

Medical insurance is probably one that you will want to put at the top of your list. Nobody can determine if they are going to take ill. Think about when you are going to a destination where there are higher risks to your health. In this case, medical insurance becomes a bigger priority.

Know What You are Not Covered For

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to your travel insurance coverage for Canadians. Know exactly what you are paying for and what it is exactly going to cover. Don’t just make your decisions on the final cost for this type of insurance. It may seem a little pricey. However, think about what the costs would be if you were in need of it and didn’t have it.

Look for the Exclusions

Be careful with any specific exclusions. For example, with the medical coverage. Look to see what it says about pre-existing conditions. If an individual has a heart condition, for example, the insurance may not cover this. Meaning that a health event took place that involved the heart. The travel insurance would not cover this.

Having the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance for Canadians can make the trip away from home all the more pleasant.

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