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Most individuals that are looking to buy life insurance have some concerns about what the medical qualifications will be. Many people consider themselves to be healthy. But, they may still be concerned about their lifestyle which could affect their insurance options. For example, those who smoke. Those who do have existing health conditions such as a form of liver disease may have an even greater cause for concern. They may be concerned about not being eligible for life insurance.

Does Life Insurance Cover Cirrhosis?


One of the common and more serious forms of liver disease is what is called Cirrhosis of the liver. Unfortunately, this form of liver disease can make it much more difficult to get life insurance. The major reason is that it creates greater risks for the insurance company. It is a progressive disease although its progression is considered to be slow. During the process of the disease, scar tissue takes over the healthy liver tissue. This can eventually affect the way the liver can function. Which in turn affects the quality of life.

A Solution for Life Insurance

Many of the life insurance products will not be available to those with cirrhosis of the liver. But, there may be some options.

Guaranteed Acceptance

There are some life insurance products called guaranteed acceptance. Or some with no medical exam necessary. These types of insurance will afford some coverage. But, probably not the amount one may be hoping for. Also, there will be some conditions attached to them. For example, if an individual were to die of cirrhosis within two years of taking out the policy. The full policy may not be honored by the insurance company. Instead, what they may be willing to pay out are the premiums that were paid and a small amount of interest.

This still may be a good option for those with this type of liver disease. Particularly since it is a slow advancing disease. Some may be able to get their insurance coverage in the early stages of the disease. They may be able to have their beneficiaries receive the full value of the policy upon the death of the insured. Some of the common causes of cirrhosis of the liver are;

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Viral hepatitis B and C
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Infections
  • Medications

Life Insurance and Alcoholism


Insurance companies are keenly interested in how much alcohol an individual consumes. There is often a series of questions relating to this on the life insurance application. One of the main reasons they are concerned about this is the effects that alcohol abuse can have on the human body. Which often can be the cause of cirrhosis. So even if an individual declares that they do not have any current health issues, there is still a concern for the future by the Insurance Provider.

Some insurance applicants will not be truthful about their alcohol consumption. But the insurance companies have ways of finding out if there are indications of alcohol abuse. They may do this by;

  • Checking the driving record of an applicant specifically looking for any driving infractions that relate to the use of alcohol.
  • They may ask on the application if the insurance buyer has ever attended a substance abuse program.
  • Insurance companies may ask for the applicant’s physician’s notes. If there is anything in these notes about the improper use of alcohol, then this will raise a red flag with the insurance company.

Weight and Liver Disease


Another common area of concern when it comes to health for insurance companies is the weight of an individual. These concerns lie with an applicant being overweight. Which can indirectly lead to concerns about potential liver disease in the future. Many people are now being diagnosed with a fatty liver. While this may not be life-threatening at the time, it is a liver problem that can lead to more serious health problems like cirrhosis or liver failure. Both of which are of concern to the Insurance Companies. Keep in mind that they are not just concerned about present illnesses but the future ones who could put them at risk.

Testing for Liver Disease

Not everyone is aware of having a liver disease when they fill out their life insurance application. For this reason, many insurance companies will ask for specific liver function tests. They may do this when they are requesting a medical of the applicant.

This type of testing is done through blood tests. Ones that will help to determine if the liver is functioning properly. Or if there is evidence of any liver damage that could include inflammation.

Other Liver-Related Concerns


Insurance companies will be concerned about any health issues that could affect the liver. This will include wanting to know if the applicant has been diagnosed with Hepatitis no matter whether it is creating any symptoms or not.

Another area of interest for these insurance providers will be the types of medications an individual is taking. Even if they are not related to liver problems, they will want to know if the medications could have some form of negative effect on the liver. Which if it does then it could put the health of the liver in jeopardy. Which in turn could lead to liver failure which is going to affect the risks of the insurance company.

The Outcome

It doesn’t mean that because there is liver disease or the possibility that liver disease could form life insurance will be denied. What it may mean though is;

The insurance shopper will be placed in a high-risk category. Which could mean that the insurance can be bought but at a much higher price. It could also mean limitations on the amount of coverage being provided.

Another factor may be that the options for types of life insurance may be limited. This means the insurance shopper will have to look at policies that are guaranteed coverage, or no medical questions asked. This may not be a perfect choice, but at least it does provide some form of coverage.

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