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One of the big concerns that many Canadians have when it comes to buying life insurance is whether or not they will be able to pass the Canadian life insurance medical exams. Many people have health issues that they feel might affect their ability to buy life insurance. Or at the very least it will be too expensive for them because of their health issues.

Passing a Canadian Life Insurance Medical Exam


One thing that life insurance shoppers must be aware of is that they cannot lie about their health conditions. Although the lie may go undetected for some time, eventually the truth most likely will surface. When it does, it could make the insurance coverage null and void.

Being Prepared for the Life Insurance Medical Exam

One of the best approaches to buying life insurance is being prepared for what will be expected of you. Which may be;

  • Filling out a comprehensive application that includes information about different aspects of your health.
  • Undergoing a medical exam
  • Agreeing to have a variety of medical tests done which could include blood tests, urinalysis, and diagnostic testing.
  • Knowing that you may be subjected to any or all of these is your first step in being prepared. You may already be aware of some potential health issues that are going to fall into one of these categories. Or, something may be revealed as a result of these various types of testing.

How Do I Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam?


You can prepare for a life insurance medical exam in a few different ways.

  • Become knowledgeable as to what might be expected of you in regards to your health status. For example, in many cases where the policy exceeds $250,000, there will likely be a requirement for a medical exam that includes blood tests.
  • Knowing what blood tests are likely to be performed and what results are being looked for can also help the individual be prepared for the life insurance medical exams.
  • Don’t just assume because you have some type of health condition that it is going to disqualify you from getting insurance. If you are aware of a health issue, then discuss this with your insurance agent.
  • Don’t try to hide health issues. Don’t refrain from taking medications that you normally have to take, just because you are going to have a medical exam.

What Do Insurance Companies Check for in Blood Tests?

Diabetes Blood Sugar Test

There are many different health conditions that can be determined from a variety of blood tests. The insurance companies are only concerned about those who could create risks for the insurance companies themselves. These risks are those that may lead to the insurance companies having to pay out death claims. They are concerned about health issues such as;

How To Prepare for the Blood Tests

Many of the blood test results can be adversely affected by an individual’s lifestyle.

A good example of this is their cholesterol levels. In many cases, high cholesterol can be brought under control through diet and exercise. It is only when these measures fail that health care providers will resort to other types of treatment.

  • For life insurance shoppers who are not being actively treated for cholesterol problems they can take some steps to help with their blood results before the testing, such as;
  • Watching what is consumed for a few days before the test. Avoiding fatty foods. Concentrating on eating foods that help reduce cholesterol in the blood such as high fiber foods.
  • Getting plenty of exercises is another step in helping to lower cholesterol.

For those who have been dealing with high cholesterol, it may take longer than a few days to get results from these natural approaches. A good rule of thumb is having a waist size that is half the amount of your height.

How long it will take to get favorable cholesterol results from diet and exercise will vary according to each. But for those who don’t want to have issues with buying life insurance, it may be worth taking a few months to achieve this. The benefits will not only be better health but more options for life insurance policies and cheaper rates.

What Do Life Insurance Urine Tests Look For?

Aside from blood tests, another useful test for insurance companies is urine tests. The urine can reveal a great deal about a person’s health. Some of the metrics the insurance companies will utilize this for is the detection of

All of these are factors that can affect health and again put the insurance companies in jeopardy of having to pay out claims. In some cases, there is nothing that the insurance shopper can do to correct the results. But, these types of tests are one way that an insurance company can determine if the applicant lies on their health questionnaire.

Some people may be tempted not to declare that they smoke cigarettes. Assuming the insurance company is not likely to find out. But, nicotine can be detected in the urine up to four days after the last cigarette was smoked.

Diagnostic Testing

Another common test that insurance companies will want to be performed is an Electrocardiogram. This is to help determine the health of the heart. There are many preventative steps that can be taken to promote good heart health, which includes

  • A low-fat diet
  • Plenty of exercises
  • Not smoking

These preventative measures are not something that can be practiced just a few days before the testing. They are something that has to be implemented on an ongoing basis.

Getting the Right Medical Exam Results


A lot of factors can play into getting good medical exam results for insurance purposes. Much of this comes down to implementing preventative actions. Keep in mind that the longer one does this, the more favorable the medical results should be. Although some actions taken a few days before the medical exam can be advantageous.  For example, not consuming fatty foods before the blood tests will help to give a more accurate reading for cholesterol. Or not smoking for at least four days before a urinalysis test. Although most applications will ask specific questions as to when the applicant last smoked cigarettes.

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