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City of Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin is a rural city in central Alberta located to the south of Edmonton. As per the 2016 census, the population of Wetaskiwin was 12613 and is steadily growing. There are many points of attraction if you reside in Wetaskiwin or go there for a short stay. One of them is the oldest courthouse in Alberta, built-in 1907. It is now renovated as the city hall since 2005. This city has many museums, theaters, art, and cultural galleries. These include Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Alberta Central Museum, and the Aviation Hall of Fame.

There are many annual events that you may look forward to in this city such as the Arts & Music Festival, NASCAR racing, golf tournament, flower show, summer festival, country concerts, etc. The city government is responsible for providing emergency and community support services in Wetaskiwin. These include emergency management, traffic control, police services, ambulance services, fire services Bylaw enforcement, etc.

Who Has The Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes In Wetaskiwin

Cost Of Home Insurance In Wetaskiwin

The above table shows a comparison of home insurance quotes by major insurance providers in Wetaskiwin. TD Insurance had the highest price at an annual cost of $2740 and this was $1220 higher than the lowest price. This was a difference of 44%. The next highest quote was by SGI Canada at $550. Squareone Insurance had the lowest quote at an annual cost of $1520. And, Economical Insurance had a higher quote by $240.

Moving To Wetaskiwin? Things You Need To Know

Wetaskiwin has abundant farmland, lakes, and parks with lots of clean air and good water. You may find many housing options at affordable prices and is an ideal place to raise a family. If you wish to live by the lake, the city, on farmland, countryside or on acreage, there are lots of options. The choices in Wetaskiwin will not disappoint you. The rental, real estate, and housing prices in this city are cheaper than the surrounding communities and Edmonton.

There are major highways in Wetaskiwin that connect to other cities. These include Highway 2A which connects Wetaskiwin on the north side to Leduc. The same highway connects on the south side to Red Deer. Highway 13 connects to the east side of Camrose. And on the north side, it connects to the Queen Elizabeth II highway that links to the Edmonton-Calgary corridor. There are many trails that you may use to bike, walk, have fun with rollerblades or longboards, etc. The Manluk Center has many recreational options for everyone. Though there is no public transit, there is a Handi-Van for transporting senior citizens and those with special needs. Wetaskiwin also has a regional airport and the Edmonton International Airport is also nearby.

Wetaskiwin Police Services

There are 2 detachments of RCMP in Wetaskiwin; one for the city and the other for the rural locations. Apart from RCMP, there are peace officers in Wetaskiwin who respond and provide emergency protective services for public safety.

Crime Statistics 2015 – 2016

The above table compares 3 different crime categories in 2016 and 2015. There was a decline in the break and enter crimes in 2016 to 7 when compared to 33 in 2015. Crimes related to robbery reduced to 1 in 2016 over 5 in the previous year. The number of crimes for theft less than $5000 also reduced to 40 in 2016 over 86 instances in 2015. So, overall all the crime categories showed a downward trend in 2016 when compared to 2015.

Neighborhoods of Wetaskiwin

Some of the neighborhoods in Wetaskiwin are Crystal Springs, Mulhurst Bay, Argentia Beach. Heritage Estates, Sunset Harbour, Grandview, Nordic Place Silverwood, etc. You may find areas with many recreational options, restaurants that range from locally run cafes to fine dining.

Average Cost Of Living In Wetaskiwin

The average cost of living in Wetaskiwin is considerably lower than in other surrounding cities. A small family in Wetaskiwin may have an average cost of living of around $2200 per month excluding rent.

Employment Options in Wetaskiwin

house price

Some of the major industries in Wetaskiwin include Manluk Industries Inc, banks & financial institutions, Wal-Mart Canada, Premier Building Solutions Ltd Paladin Security, etc. There are lots of employment opportunities in Wetaskiwin due to many factors. These include highway routes & transportation networks, mainline railway, airport, low commercial land costs, local hospital, cheaper housing costs, etc.

Average Wetaskiwin House Price

The average price of a house in Wetaskiwin is around $318240.


You may pay around $301230 for a detached house in Wetaskiwin.


The cost of a semi-detached house in Wetaskiwin is around $287500.


A townhouse in Wetaskiwin may cost around $264900.


The price of a condo in Wetaskiwin is around $254300.

Average Wetaskiwin Property Tax

The city property assessors estimate the property market value and then the city calculates the property taxes every year. This helps them to estimate the market value of the property. They do this by looking at real estate records for the sale of different types of properties; residential and commercial.

Average Wetaskiwin Salary

Average Wetaskiwin Hydro Bill

The main source of water for the city of Wetaskiwin is the Coal Lake. This water then goes through water treatment for purification. You may expect an average hydro bill in Wetaskiwin for around $120 to $170 per month for a small family.

Average Wetaskiwin Winter & Summer Temperature

The city of Wetaskiwin has a continental humid climate and you may find summer temperatures cooling down in the night. In summer temperatures may average at around 17.1 C while in winter, the temperatures may dip up to – 16.6 C.

Average Wetaskiwin Daycare Costs

The average cost of daycare in Wetaskiwin is around $13 to $17 per hour for licensed full-time childcare. A childcare subsidy if you qualify may help you cut down costs as per the provincial website.

Wetaskiwin Average Grocery Bill

The average cost of groceries in Wetaskiwin is around $200 to $275 per month for a small family.

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