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City of Hamilton

The city of Hamilton lies on the western tip of Lake Ontario. It is a port city and is divided by the Niagara Escarpment that runs through the city. This ridge is also known as the mountain and has many waterfalls, trails, and parks. Hamilton has a very dense population and as per the 2016 census, it was 536917. The city got its name from its founder George Hamilton who bought the Durand farm just after the 1812 war. Hamilton has a rich and vibrant history with an urban touch. An outdoor person may find ample options here for cycling, boating, hiking, and other activities with its vast recreation and conservation areas.

Hamilton has many thriving industries, mainly based on manufacturing and steel production. It is part of the busy Golden Horseshoe industrial region. The Royal Botanical Garden, Bruce Trail, Safari, Warplane Heritage Museum, and the Art Gallery are a few attractions in Hamilton. Some of the highways that serve Hamilton are highways 2, 5, 403, 6, 8, 20, 53, and Queen Elizabeth Way. The Red Hill Creek Expressway, Upper James Street, King Street, Barton Street, and Main Street are a few roadways that connect Hamilton.

Prominent Neighborhoods in Hamilton

Some of the most prominent neighborhoods around Hamilton are as follows:

  • Ainslie Wood
  • Ancaster
  • Dundas
  • Bartonville
  • Beasley
  • Blakely
  • Central
  • Cherry Heights
  • Chinatown
  • Flamborough
  • Steeltown
  • Delta East
  • Grayside
  • Hamilton Beach

Home Insurance Quotes in Hamilton

RankHome Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Cost
2Zenith Insurance$837
3Travelers Dominion$934
4Squareone Insurance$938
6Perth Insurance$1573

Who Has the Lowest Home Insurance Prices in Hamilton

We compared the prices for home insurance by major insurance companies in Hamilton. The cheapest quote was by RSA insurance at a price of $878 per year. This was $646 lower than the highest quote. The next best quote was by Aviva at an annual cost of $1088. This was a variation of almost 19.30% from the quote by RSA.

Who Has the Most Expensive Home Insurance Prices in Hamilton

As per our survey, the highest quote for home insurance was by the Economical Insurance at an annual cost of $1524. The next highest quote was at a price of $1427 per year by Zenith insurance. The difference in premiums between both the quotes was $97 per year.

Average Home Insurance Cost in Hamilton Neighbourhoods

NeighborhoodAverage Home Insurance Cost
Ainslie Wood$1,056
Cherry Heights$970
Delta East$1,105
Hamilton Beach$1,265

Home Insurance Basics

If your home is a major component of your net worth then, you might as well seriously consider purchasing home insurance. In Canada, it is not mandatory to purchase home insurance. However, you may get protection for your building and contents by insuring them. When a catastrophe destroys your home, your home insurer may pick up the tab and help to get you back on track if the peril was insured.

Main Types of Home Insurance Coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage: Except for the uninsured perils this policy is very comprehensive. It protects your home and contents from a broad range of risks and perils.
  • Named perils or basic coverage: This is a minimalist policy that covers damages caused only by those perils that are mentioned in your policy.
  • Broad coverage: You may choose this to get coverage neither as inclusive as comprehensive nor as minimal as basic coverage. This covers mostly your basic contents and the building structure.
  • No Frills coverage: For properties that may not be classed as normal by underwriting standards, this policy may give coverage. It is limited and specifically outlines what is and is not covered by your policy.

Are You Planning on Moving to Hamilton?

Moving house

If you are planning to settle down in Hamilton then you may see some good and then some ghetto-type areas. As an example, the Gore Park area or the Barton Street East areas may not be considered safe places by many. But then which city does not have a few gray spots? The Dundas, Ancaster, and Flamborough areas in Hamilton are pretty good and safe. For first-time homebuyers as well as for those looking to downsize, you may find Hamilton affordable. Hamilton does have its share of family-friendly communities, recreational options, educational & healthcare institutions, and employment facilities.

Getting Around Hamilton

It is very easy to get to Hamilton from various Canadian cities as the city is well connected by highways, roadways, airports, and train lines. Hamilton is only a 45-minute drive away from Toronto if you use Highway 403. There are many bus and train services across the city by Hamilton Street Railway, GO Train, and bus services. The conveniently accessible John C Munro international airport serves Hamilton. Most of the old Hamilton area has a broken grid pattern and streets are north to the south faced at one-half mile apart. The streets that are faced east to west are about 6/10 of a mile apart from each other.

City Governance in Hamilton

The city of Hamilton has a Mayor and 15 councilors for each ward. There are several agencies, committees, sub-committees, tribunals, and boards that play decisive roles in the governance of Hamilton. You may give your valuable contribution to city development and request to speak at a committee meeting. Or you may even apply to be a part of an advisory committee.

Average Cost Of Living In Hamilton

The average cost of living in Hamilton for a single person may range from $500 to $750 without rent.

Average Hamilton House Price

Housing is comparatively much affordable in Hamilton when you compare it to other cities like Toronto.  An average-sized house in Hamilton may cost around $451000. There has been an increase of about 27 percent in the house prices in Hamilton. However, this was as per the last MPAC assessment in 2012. They phased this increase in 4 years that split over 7 percent every year.

Detached House Price in Hamilton

The price of a detached house in Hamilton is $274400.

Semi-Detached House Price in Hamilton

You may pay around $182260 to buy a semi-detached house in Hamilton.

Townhouse Price in Hamilton

The average price of a townhouse in Hamilton is $213440.

Condo Price in Hamilton

A condo in Hamilton may cost you around $181340.

Average Hamilton Property Tax

Around the Golden Horseshoe area, the least increase in property tax was in the city of Hamilton. And this was the 3rd lowest in Ontario. If you want to get an estimate of your property taxes in Hamilton you may use the tax calculator on the city website.

Average Hamilton Salary

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Office Administrator$35000
Accounting Manager$43000
Operations Manager$56500
General Manager$53000
Project Manager$57900

Average Hamilton Hydro Bill

The average Hydro bill cost in Hamilton may be an average of $35 per person for a month as per consumption.

Average Hamilton Winter And Summer Temperature

Hamilton has a moderate, continental, and humid climate. January months may see temperatures drop to -5° C in the winter. The months around August may have the mercury levels climb to 25° C.

Average Hamilton Daycare Costs

You may pay around $970 for daycare costs in Hamilton for a child.

Hamilton Average Grocery Bill

The average grocery bill in Hamilton may be an average of around $178 per person.

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