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City of Guelph

Guelph is known as the ‘Royal City’ and is located in southern Ontario about 100 km west of Toronto and 28 km east of Waterloo. The census of 2016 estimated the population of Guelph at 131794 and it is part of Wellington County. This city has a very stable diverse economy and hence the rate of unemployment is very low compared to the rest of Canada. Manufacturing, especially, fabricated metal products and machinery manufacturing are the leading industries in Guelph. Other industries here include educational services, agri-food & biotechnology firms, tourism, and environmental technology. The 3 most prominent employers in Guelph include the University of Guelph, Upper Grand District School, and Linamar.

This city hosts many festivals throughout the year that attracts many tourists. The Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Guelph Pride Week, Two Rivers Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, etc. are just a few of them. In fact, Guelph was awarded the Municipality of the year by Festivals and Events Ontario in 2017.

Home Insurance Quotes in Guelph

RankHome Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Cost
2Zenith Insurance$837
3Travelers Dominion$934
4Squareone Insurance$938
6Perth Insurance$1573

Who Has the Lowest Home Insurance Prices in Guelph

As per our survey for home insurance in Guelph, the cheapest quote for home insurance was by RSA at a yearly price of $791. This was $2082 lower than the most expensive quote. The next low quote was by Aviva at a yearly price of $924. This quote was $133 higher than the quote by RSA.

Who Has the Highest Home Insurance Prices in Guelph

The survey for home insurance showed that the most expensive quote was by the Economical Insurance. They quoted $2873 per year for home insurance in Guelph. Following highest quote was by Pembridge insurance at an annual price of $1281. There was a difference of $1592 between the premiums in both quotes.

Average Home Insurance Cost in Guelph Neighbourhoods

Neighborhoods in GuelphAverage Home Insurance Cost
Armstrong Mills$1,731

Are You Planning on Moving to Guelph?

If you are pondering over moving to Guelph then you may be delighted to know that this city has a low crime and unemployment rate with a high standard of living. You may find a good mix of city life and small-town charm here. There are loads of clubs and organizations where you may get involved to meet others and make a difference in your community.  In case you are an entrepreneur or thinking of starting up a business, then you may join the Guelph Chamber of Commerce to broaden your scope and options. Children and youngsters can also look forward to the camps and clubs that cater to a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. Whether it is watching a movie, shopping at the Stone Road Mall, or strolling along with the downtown core, Guelph will keep you busy with many leisurely options.

The Old City area in Guelph is favored by young families to live and can be easily explored on foot. Another safe urban neighborhood is the Kortright West where you may think of owning a detached house. The Hamilton Corner along Pine Ridge Drive in the southeastern suburb of Guelph is a fast developing friendly and safe neighborhood. This city has 4 school boards and 2 of those are for French medium. There are many secondary and elementary schools in Guelph. The post-secondary institutions include the University of Guelph, Ontario Agricultural College, Ontario Veterinary College, and Conestoga College.

Getting Around Guelph

Guelph is conveniently located at the intersection of highways 6 and 7. The Guelph Transit provides public transit locally and Via Rail provides rail service to other cities. The Canadian Pacific Railway & the Canadian National Railway, GO Transit also connects Guelph to other cities. The following routes may help to get you to the nearby cities.

  • 401 highway connects Guelph to London and Toronto.
  • Highway 7 connects Guelph to Acton and Kitchener.
  • Highway 6 connects Guelph to Owen Sound and Hamilton.

In the British Commonwealth, Guelph is the only municipality to have its own railway line that is 16 miles long.

Guelph Police Crime Statistics

CategoriesData% change in rate from 2014 to 2015
Total crime4793-4
Violent crime822-11
Property crime3427-33
Drug offenses89-7

The above table is part of the annual report prepared by Guelph Police for 2015. It compares property crime rates in Guelph from 2014 to 2015. As per the table, there has been a decrease in the break & enter crimes reported in 2015 by 32. Theft crimes over $5,000 have decreased by 3 however, for theft over $5,000 there has been an increase of 24. Total property crime rates have increased in 2015 by 66 when compared to 2014.

Average Cost Of Living In Guelph

House Price

The average cost of living in Guelph is less than you would spend in Toronto. A single person in Guelph may spend an average of $950 per month excluding rent.

Average Guelph House Price

The average price of a house in Guelph could be around an average $475,710.

Detached House Price in Guelph

A detached house in Guelph may cost around an average of $385,590.

Semi-Detached House Price in Guelph

A semi-detached house in Guelph may cost you around an average of $369,900.

Townhouse Price in Guelph

A townhouse in Guelph may cost around an average of $295900.

Condo Price in Guelph

Condos in Guelph may cost an average of $183900.

Guelph Property Tax

In Guelph, property taxes are calculated based on provincial taxes, property value, municipal taxes, etc. Provincial taxes are used to fund education. Municipal taxes are used to fund libraries, roads, ambulances, fire, police, parks, museums, trails, recreation centers, and all city services & programs. Each dollar that the city collects as property tax is proportionally divided to fund these programs. In 2016, Guelph collected $216.40 in property taxes, and typically the assessment value of residential property in Guelph is around $399,000.

Average Guelph Salary

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Office Administrator$35000
Accounting Manager$43000
Operations Manager$56500
General Manager$53000
Project Manager$57900

Average Guelph Hydro Bill

The average hydro bill for a small family of 2 could be around $150 per month.

Average Guelph Winter And Summer Temperature

Guelph has continental weather with chilly winters and humid summers. The winter season may see temperatures ranging from -10 °C to -20°C and the months from November until April may see freezing temperatures. In summer, the temperatures may peak to 30°C and the hottest months could be from May until September.

Average Guelph Daycare Costs

The average daycare cost per child in Guelph could be an average of $820 per month.

Guelph Average Grocery Bill

The average grocery bill in Guelph for a family of 2 could be around $450 to $700 per month.

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