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The City of Chateauguay

Chateauguay is in the southwest part of Quebec and is a suburb of Montreal on Chateauguay River and Lac St-Louis. As per the 2011 census, the population of Chateauguay was over 45000. This city has many attractions and one of them is the theaters or even choose an activity of your choice at one of the orchards. The CITSO or Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport du Sud-Ouest provides public transit in Chateauguay. There is a golf club with two eighteen-hole courses. And many facilities such as bar services, equipment rental, visitor amenities. Due to its industrial park located near Highway 30 and rapidly growing population, the city of Chateauguay attracts many potential investors.

Who Has The Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes In Chateauguay

Cost Of Home Insurance In Chateauguay

As per the above table, there is a comparison of home insurance quotes by various insurance providers. Promutuel Insurance had the highest quote at $860 and this was $81 higher than the lowest quote. RBC Insurance had the next highest quote at $855. TD Insurance had the lowest quote at $779 and the next cheapest quote was by LaCapitale Insurance by $54.

Neighborhoods in Chateauguay

Some of the neighborhoods in the city of  Chateauguay include Beaconsfield, Dorval, Lachine, Kahnawake, LaSalle, Mercier, Lery, Chateauguay-Centre, Cote Saint Luc, etc.

Chateauguay Police Services

The Chateauguay Police Services consists of over 100 officers. They maintain the law and order to ensure safety and prevent crimes and participate in many community safety programs. And work closely with other groups to improve public safety and quality of life.

Average Cost Of Living In Chateauguay

The average cost of living in Chateauguay for a small family is around $2200 to $2800. This is the cost for a small family excluding rent with average quality of life.

Employment Options in Chateauguay

Some of the employers in Chateauguay include Technoform Industries Ltd, Edmit Inc, Powermotive Industries, Glass Shield, Aspectair Inc, etc. You may access Chateauguay easily by road or by sea and is close to airports, Montreal, and the U.S. border. If you are looking to start a business then you may benefit from many positive aspects. A qualified workforce, lower construction costs, ample industrial land, lower labor cost, etc. are some of the factors.

Average Chateauguay House Price

The average price of a house in Chateauguay can be around $203400.


You may pay $199950 for a detached house in Chateauguay.


The average cost of a semi-detached house in Chateauguay can be around $189200.


In Chateauguay, the average cost of a townhouse can be around $179100.


A condo in Chateauguay may cost around $150650.

Average Chateauguay Salary

Average Chateauguay Hydro Bill

About 60% of the water for Chateauguay is groundwater and the remaining comes from Lake Saint-Louis. The average cost of the hydro bill in Chateauguay per month for a small family is around $110 to $180.

Average Chateauguay Winter & Summer Temperature

Chateauguay has a cold climate that is mostly temperate and gets ample rainfall. The temperature may average around 6.5 °C annually with about 936mm levels of precipitation. February seems to be the driest month with around 60mm of precipitation. July is the hottest month when the temperature rises to an average of 21.0 °C. January is the coldest month and the temperatures may drop to an average of -9.6 °C.

Average Chateauguay Daycare Costs

In Chateauguay, the average daycare cost is around $11 to $15 per hour for full-time childcare.

Chateauguay Average Grocery Bill

The average grocery bill for a single person in Chateauguay is around $220 to $300. This is possible if you mostly cook at home rather than dine out.

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