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City of Brampton

Brampton is a suburban city in the southern part of the province of Ontario and is part of the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area. As per the 2016 census, this city has a population of 593638 and is ranked 9th in terms of population. On the east border of Brampton lies Highway 50 and Winston Churchill Boulevard borders the west region. Mayfield Road is on the north border and Finch Avenue is on the southern border that is also the gateway to Mississauga. Brampton is a cosmopolitan, vibrant, and diverse city that welcomes you to live and work.

The flower city of Canada, Brampton gives a mix of an urban and traditional way of life and is also safe by all standards. You may find a vast rich social variety with over 70 languages and 170 cultures in Brampton. Manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade thrives in this city and is very stable economically. Brampton has many places of worship, shopping centers, libraries, parks, golf courses, educational institutions, and hospitals.

Home Insurance Quotes in Brampton

RankHome Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Cost
2Zenith Insurance$837
3Travelers Dominion$934
4Squareone Insurance$938
6Perth Insurance$1573

Who Has the Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes in Brampton

We conducted a comparison of home insurance quotes in Brampton by some insurance providers. The lowest quote for home insurance was by Square One Insurance at an annual cost of $999. This was followed by the quote by Perth Insurance at an annual price of $1041. That is a difference in premiums by $42.

Who Has the Most Expensive Home Insurance Quotes in Brampton

The survey revealed that the highest quote for home insurance in Brampton was by the Economical Insurance at an annual cost of $1591. This was a difference in premiums of $592 with the lowest quote and a variation in the cost of 37.20%.

Average Home Insurance Cost in Brampton Neighbourhoods

NeighbourhoodAverage Home Insurance Cost
Mount Pleasant$724

Home Insurance Basics

Though not mandatory, property insurance is becoming increasingly necessary in Canada. It protects you in case the contents and your home structure suffered damages or loss. You may also claim for any third-party injuries on your property for which you may be deemed as responsible. Such a lawsuit may be in the range of several thousands of dollars. However, property insurance may cover you for liability damages up to the 1 million or 2 million limits that you choose. The house structure is covered for the value of replacement cost and not the market value or purchase value. This means that you may claim for the amount that it may take to completely rebuild your home if it was destroyed. So, the 2 parts of your home insurance consist of coverage for liability and for loss, damage, or destruction of your home.

Are You Planning on Moving to Brampton?

Brampton is no longer the quiet small town it used to be anymore and is a well-maintained safe community. If you are planning to make Brampton your home then you may be delighted to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated this city as internationally safe. There are tons of activities that you may engage in this city, be it the golf courses or the abundant green spaces. Or, theater arts in Brampton may interest you.  The cultural diversity in this city helps you to blend in easily whether you plan to move to Brampton on a short-term or a long-term basis.

Getting Around Brampton

The city of Brampton is a well-connected suburb that lets you work downtown and still stay away from the fast pace. At just an 18 km distance from the Toronto Pearson Airport and with downtown Toronto at a 42 km distance, Brampton is well located. There are 3 GO stations and public transit that you may use to get around if you don’t drive or bike. Mississauga and Vaughan are also located nearby and highway 410 connects most parts of Brampton. Some of the prominent neighborhoods in Brampton are as follows:

  • Peel Village
  • Springdale
  • Downtown Brampton
  • Brampton North
  • Bramalea
  • Castlemore
  • Heart Lake
  • Mount Pleasant

City Governance in Brampton

The city of Brampton is governed by a Mayor and 10 councilors who are elected once in 4 years. There are 10 wards and the Mayor and 6 councilors are also members of the Region of Peel Council. The city council makes recommendations for their decisions from the following committees.

  • Ad hoc and functional council committee
  • Standing committee
  • Citizen Advisory committee
  • Administrative tribunals and adjudicative committee

Average Cost Of Living In Brampton

House Price

When you compare to Toronto, you may find the cost of living much more affordable in Brampton including homeownership. As per your lifestyle, grocery needs, and housing conditions, the average cost of living may vary in Brampton. On average, a single person may spend around $700 without rent to live in Brampton.

Average Brampton House Price

The average price of a house in Brampton can be around $716438.

Detached House Price in Brampton

When compared to Toronto the prices for a detached house in Brampton are less and the average price in Brampton is around $402361.

Semi-Detached House Price in Brampton

A semi-detached house in Brampton may cost around $735600.

Townhouse Price in Brampton

Townhouses in Brampton may cost an average of around $399000.

Condo Price in Brampton

Condos in Brampton may cost around $305000.

Average Brampton Property Tax

The city of Brampton collects and bills property taxes for Brampton and the Region of Peel. They levy property taxes 2 times a year by sending an Interim & Final notice. The residential tax rate levied by the city of Brampton is 0.504409 percent. The region of Peel levies a 0.410616 percent tax for residential properties in Brampton. Another component is the educational tax rate at 0.188000 percent. This equals a total tax rate of 1.103025 percent.

Average Brampton Salary

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Office Administrator$35000
Accounting Manager$43000
Operations Manager$56500
General Manager$53000
Project Manager$57900

Average Brampton Hydro Bill

You may pay an average of $113 for a Hydro bill in Brampton per month for a medium-sized house.

Average Brampton Winter And Summer Temperature

Brampton has a temperate and cold climate with rainfall almost all through the year. The average temperature ranges from 8.4°C to 36 °C and July is the month to look out for hot spots. Winter temperatures in January may drop as low as -3.4 °C to -6.5 °C.

Average Brampton Daycare Costs

In Brampton, the average daycare cost may average at more than $1000 per month for a child.

Brampton Average Grocery Bill

You may spend an average of $150 to $190 in a week per person for groceries in Brampton as per your consumption.

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