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The city of Belleville is centrally located within North America and is the biggest urban center in the Quinte Region. As per the statistics by the 2011 census, the population is almost 50000. This city has proximity to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York City, and Chicago in less than 500 miles. A peculiarity of this city is that it lies in a transitional zone. So, while some consider Belleville as a part of Eastern Ontario, others consider it could also belong to Central Ontario. There are loads of options for recreation in Belleville and the Waterfront and Ethnic Festival in Belleville attracts many visitors every year.

Who Has The Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes In Belleville

Cost Of Home Insurance In Belleville

The above comparison table depicts the cost of home insurance in Belleville by some major insurance providers. The highest quote for the annual average premium was by Square one Insurance at a cost of $1581. Closely following was the quote by Perth Insurance at a cost difference of $532. The lowest annual quote was by RSA Insurance at an average price of $843.

Belleville has a rich history and the community does have many traditional-style houses. However, these houses may be built of materials that are not allowed as per by-laws of the Municipality.  In case you wish to rebuild your old-style home with current materials approved by Municipality then you may have to pay the cost difference. It is a good idea to purchase By-law protection from your home insurer to cover this gap since it may save you a substantial amount in the long run.

Moving To Belleville? Things You Need To Know

Belleville has many options to live in an urban or rural setting and this city still has the old town quaintness. Traditional Victorian homes, condos, waterfront estates as well as retirement homes offer elegant and reasonable dwellings.

If you wish to shop in Belleville then there are 2 shopping malls. The Quinte Mall and the Bay View Mall have many stores and you may also find many other retailers too. For family recreation, the city has many options such as golfing, boating, hiking, fishing, etc. You may enjoy fishing in the Bay of Quinte or explore over 15 golf courses if you like. There are many major manufacturing companies in Belleville and corporations that offer sustainable employment. These include Magna, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Sears, Avaya, and many others.

Interested in Business Investment in Belleville?

If you prefer to start a business whether, on a small or big scale, Belleville could open up many vistas for you. The costs for startups, operations, labor, utility, and property taxes are relatively low in Belleville. It is very affordable to start a business in Belleville when compared to other cities in Ontario as you do not pay development costs for industrial development. Additionally, you may apply for incentive programs by the Province too. The municipality also has many programs that offer incentives to businesses that promote the downtown area.

Transportation Options in Belleville

Some of the major highways that run through Belleville are Highway 37, 401, 62, and highway 2. Highway 401 connects the city with Toronto Airport and Deseronto Transit & Megabus provides public transit. Belleville Conventional Transit also provides transportation services all days of the week. Via Rail, Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railways connect freight and passenger services.

Crime Statistics for Belleville

The city of Belleville has policing services by Ontario Provincial Police on the provincial highways and the city has had its own police since 1834. As per Statistics Canada, the violent crime rate in Belleville has gone up by 24 percent in 2016. This was an increase in the crime index by 91 in 2015 and Belleville does rank relatively high in Canada for the crime rate.

Average Cost Of Living In Belleville

The average cost of living for a small family in Belleville could be around $3500 per month which includes rent.

Residential Options in Belleville


There are all varieties of dwellings within different budgets and preferences in Belleville. Some of the prominent neighborhoods offer many amenities. East Belleville has many duplexes and is a residential area within walking distance to downtown where you may shop or dine. This area suits a working person or a couple starting a family. Another calm and quiet neighborhood is the Herchimer-Haig area which is family-friendly. If you prefer older-style homes then you may check out the West Belleville side and there are some townhouse options here and smaller homes without basements. The West Park Village is also very conveniently located near Highway 401 and you may also do all your shopping there.

Average Belleville House Price

You may spend up to $400000 for a large single-family house in Belleville.


A detached house in Belleville may cost an average of $274,900.


In Belleville, a semi-detached house may cost around $246,800.


Townhomes may cost around $240,000 in Belleville.


The average cost of a condo can be around $185,000.

Average Belleville Property Tax

The city of Belleville calculates property taxes as follows:

  • Tax rate x Assessment value (municipal and education)

For a property with an assessed value of $250000, the property tax could be around $3953. You may check out the tax calculator to get an estimate of your property tax.

Average Belleville Salary

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Office Administrator$35000
Accounting Manager$43000
Operations Manager$56500
General Manager$53000
Project Manager$57900

Average Belleville Hydro Bill

The average hydro bill for an apartment could be around $170 for a family of 4.

Average Belleville Winter & Summer Temperature

The Belleville weather can have 4 seasons however in moderation. Summer temperatures could go as high as 26.8 °C and winter temperatures may dip to −11.1 °C. Belleville does not see a lot of harsh winter as an average of 41 days annually could have snowfall. Precipitation levels may be high with around 150 days per year.

Average Belleville Daycare Costs

Childcare costs in Belleville could range from an average of $900 to $1040.

Belleville Average Grocery Bill

A family of 4 may have to spend around $1300 per month on the grocery bill. This may fluctuate as per the individual diet plan for each family.

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