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City Of Woodstock

Aptly called the Dairy Capital of Canada, Woodstock is a city in the southwest part of the province of Ontario. As per the 2016 census, the population of Woodstock was 40902. Woodstock is a friendly and welcoming city to all new residents and visitors. This city is the seat of Oxford County. It is about 128 km away from Toronto city and about 43 km from the city of London.

There are quite a few annual events that attract many in Woodstock. These include the Woodstock Wood Show, Ontario Woodworking Championships, Car Show & Shop, Woodstock Fair, Cowapolooza, Woodstock Fleece Festival, Rotary Club Dragon Boat Festival, and Festival of Music. There are many summer festivals, artistic and cultural exhibits that favor the tourism industry a lot. Woodstock is beautiful with Victorian landscapes and there is a community center that has a well-sized hockey rink. Woodstock has 2 sister cities; Pesche (Italy) and Sylvania (Ohio).

Major Employers In Woodstock

Some of the major employers of Woodstock include Toyota Boshoku, General Motors (parts distribution), Kelsey Ford, Vuteq Canada, and Firestone. Other major clients include RWF Bron, Woodstock Precision Manufacturing, Agiband Purina, Tigercat Industries, and Green Metals Canada Inc. Manufacturing, tourism, automobile manufacturing, and agriculture forms the basis of the city economy.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Woodstock

The average cost of car insurance in Woodstock is $1,590.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Woodstock

RankCar Insurance CompanyAnnual Cost
1Travelers (Dominion Product)$1,318
2Travelers (Chieftain Product)$1,356
5The Cooperators$1,532
6Gore Mutual$1,587

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in Woodstock

The above table compares the rates of car insurance in Woodstock by some major auto insurance providers. Allstate Insurance had the most expensive quote at $1318. This was $634 higher than the lowest quote by Travelers Dominion product. Pembridge Insurance had the next highest quote that was just $84 cheaper than Allstate.

Cheapest Auto Insurer in Woodstock

Travelers Dominion product had the lowest quote for car insurance at $1318. This was 32.47% higher than the highest quote by Allstate Insurance. The next cheapest quote was by Travelers Chieftain product and their quote was $38 higher than the Dominion product quote.

Car Insurance in Woodstock Neighborhoods

Woodstock NeigborhoodsCar Insurance can be as low as
Codys Corners$1064

Major Highways In Woodstock

You may use 4 major highways to gain entry to Woodstock. These include Highway 401, 403, County Road 59, and County Road 2. Highway 401 passes through the south side of the city and meets Highway 403 at the southeast side. Previously Oxford Road 59 and 2, is now Highway 59 and 2. And, Woodstock is at the center of the intersection of both these highways.

Getting Around in Woodstock

Woodstock is easily accessible by rail, road, rail, and air. The Woodstock Transit operates the public transit on all weekdays except on Sundays. Woodstock has 4 airports nearby in the cities of Hamilton, London, Toronto, and Detroit. You may also reach Woodstock through 2 harbors; Toronto and Hamilton.

By rail, you may connect to Woodstock using the Canadian National Railway mainline. They also have the Canadian Pacific Railway Mainline and Via Rail. There is a Via Rail train station in Woodstock. This helps you to connect to Windsor, Toronto, and other cities. These include cities in between the Windsor-Quebec city corridor.

City of Woodstock Initiatives

The city of Woodstock takes care of about 213 km of a road network system. This includes the collector, residential and arterial roads. Since Woodstock is also the seat of Oxford County, they own some of the city’s sewers and roads. But the City takes responsibility for its maintenance. They keep the curbs, roads, sidewalks, etc. in good condition to improve public and motor safety.

Maintenance Of Roads

The city does patching of asphalt on roads, repairs curbs, and marks road lines. Grades shoulders and gravel roads and maintains sewer. They also mow roadside grass and cracked or uneven road surfaces on the sidewalk. Apart from this the city also takes care of winter snow removal, snow plowing, and sanding. Grading, fall leaf cleaning, and street sweeping. There are specific bike lanes that have signs, for sharing and dedicated biking purposes to enhance safety.

Road Construction

On the city website, you may easily find the ongoing or future road construction project details if you wish to know about them. You may plan your travel schedule and route if you live around the construction area. It also gives the time frame for the completion of the project. It is better to plan before you travel or drive than get a surprise detour.

Traffic Signals in Woodstock

The city of Woodstock has 41 intersections with traffic signals. Out of these, the city owns 13 traffic signals, the Oxford County owns 24 traffic signals. Ontario province owns the remaining 4 traffic signals.

Maintenance of Street lights

The city of Woodstock has given the contract for maintenance and repair of street lights to Langley Utilities Contracting Inc.

Motor Vehicle Crime Statistics in Woodstock

Minor Property Damage Collisions278316
Investigated Collisions597542
Personal Injuries in Collisions160141
Total Collisions875858

The Woodstock Police published the above motor vehicle collisions table in their 2015 annual report. This is the latest data on their website. There is a slight increase in the number of total collisions in 2015 by 17 over data of 2014. However, the number of minor collisions have declined in 2015 by 38. The number of collisions with personal injuries saw an increase in 2015 by 19. And the number of investigated collisions increased by 55 in 2015 over 2014.

Worst Roads In City Of Woodstock

Some of the worst intersections in Woodstock due to the high rate of motor accidents are as follows:

  • Wilson Street at Peel
  • Norwich Avenue at Juliana Drive
  • Springbank Avenue at Dundas Street
  • Nellis Street at Clarke
  • Mill Street at Main
  • Alice Street & Springbank Avenue
  • Springbank Avenue at Devonshire
  • Parkinson Road at Norwich Avenue
  • Mill Street at Dundas
  • Wilson Street and Henry Street
  • Highway 401 and Norwich Avenue
  • Springbank Ave South and James Street
  • Norwich Avenue and Montclair Drive
  • Huron Street and Dundas Street
  • Dundas Street and Clarke Station North
  • Alice Street & Norwich Avenue
  • Lansdowne Avenue and Dundas Street
  • Wilson Street and Hounsfield Street
  • Vansittart Avenue and Dundas Street

Woodstock Police Service Business Plan (2016 – 2018)

The Woodstock Police also has a road safety plan that started in 2016 and will see completion in 2018. They have many strategies to improve road safety and increase awareness for the betterment of cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. Continuous patrolling by Woodstock Police is also a part of ensuring public safety in areas. And they have identified intersections for known problems. They also have targeted monitoring in the 20 most dangerous intersections in Woodstock to avoid collisions. Vehicles operated with Automatic License Plate Recognition also do patrol. They also target drivers with suspended licenses as per MTO.

List of Car Insurance Companies and Brokers in Woodstock

Insurance CompanyAddressCityProvincePostal CodeTelephone
The Co-operators951 Devonshire Ave Unit 5WoodstockONN4S 5S1(519) 539-6550
BrokerLink896 Dundas StWoodstockONN4S 1H1(519) 539-8600
Jon Collings & Associates Inc899 Dundas StWoodstockONN4S 1G9(519) 539-8080
Bianco, Walter Insurance Agency Ltd10 McKenzie AveWoodstockONN4S 7L3(519) 539-0310
Cowan Insurance Group573 Dundas StWoodstockONN4S 1C6(519) 537-2379


* Methodology

We did the survey by assuming that the car insurance premiums are calculated for a 35-year-old man with his own car. He has a good credit rating and the coverage is for basic liability. There are no traffic tickets for the past 5 years and the annual mileage is between 5000 km to 8000 km.

All insurance quotes shown for comparison are only examples. These quotes do not guarantee rates for any particular insurance provider with the lowest possible rate. The quotes depend on various factors as per the lowest cost insurance company. These include the driver and car profile, driving record, location, and many other criteria.


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